Why Mobile Gaming Popularity is On the Increase

Mobile Gaming
The global mobile gaming market has been on a steady growth, with experts projecting up to 60 percent growth between 2018 and 2023. It is estimated the mobile population will hit 2.7 billion by 2021, reaching over $106 billion in revenues by the same year. Worth noting, in 2012, revenue brought about by mobile gaming stood at $12.7 billion, which translates to a 730 percent growth over a period of nine years.


Any video game played on a mobile device qualifies as a mobile game. But what has spurred the impressive growth of online mobile gaming over the years? Below are some of the factors behind the numbers.

Top Reasons: Why Online Mobile Gaming is Popular

1. Easy accessibility

The biggest contributor to online mobile gaming growth is easy access to mobile games. Nearly everyone owns a smartphone, and people spend too much time on their phones. Chances are, if one is not checking through their social media pages, they are playing a game. There is competition from developers, and gamers have a variety to choose from.

2. Increased mobile ownership

The number of people owning smartphones across the world has increased steadily over the last few years. The gadgets are cheaper than they used to be, and people are finding more value in owning them. Continents like Africa and South East Asia are no longer subdued in terms of technological developments and mobile supplies, as China has fronted cheaper alternatives for 3rd world markets.

3. Low cost of gaming

Things are different today. Cheap games, and even free game modes are available on numerous platforms. The gaming addiction of playing for fun leads gamers into wanting to play for money. Big brands offer free games and bonuses for players, incentives which only attract more and more players into action.

4. Advertising

As it stands, more people are more aware of what is happening around them, thanks to high levels of advertising. Social media, print and online media have been the most consistent forms of advertisement, but referrals have also played a significant role. Thanks to technology, bottom-line brands are using mobile games popularity to advertise their products through in-play advertisements.

5. Mobile apps

Dedicated mobile gaming apps are the real deal. They make gaming easy and straightforward even for beginners. Ideally, any mobile app is designed to simplify user experience, and that is what gaming apps are all about. The most captivating element of mobile gaming lies in giving the gamer the ultimate gaming experience that makes them want more. Unlike playing games on the web, apps make gaming access much easier and a lot more fun. Besides, players can save their gaming progress and play later whenever they have time.

In a nutshell…

There is no relenting; the industry is set for more expansion, and mobile gaming will remain a top driver. Brands have realized the potential in mobile gaming, and have, therefore, been investing heavily on mobile-driven innovations to capture new markets, and to maintain the existing ones.The stakes are high, and the steady rise in revenues from mobile gaming could extend to several years to come.