What To Look For In A POS System For Your Restaurant

POS System For Your Restaurant

An upgraded POS terminal is often the key to empowering staff, especially if it’s been a while since the last time you refreshed your equipment. Contactless payment in various forms, ACH withdrawal, and even cash discount program support have become standard in recent years, and updated systems usually provide support for them right out of the box. Today’s systems are more specialized than ever, though, so what do you get? Here are a few key strategies for narrowing the field if you’re shopping for a restaurant POS.

Start With Payment Support

The first job of any POS will always be processing payments, whether they’re electronic, cash, or even personal checks, for businesses that take them. Take into account the unique business model you adopted for your restaurant. Do you need a mobile credit card reader to support truck service or pop-up booths? What forms of payment do you take? What about loyalty programs that track customer spending? Here are a few suggestions to get you started as you brainstorm:

  • Contactless payment, also known as tap to pay
  • Online ordering and checkout
  • Gift card programs
  • Points programs
  • Cash discount program support
  • ACH processing
  • Mobile payment processing

Basic credit card processing with chip card support will be included on any current generation POS, but each of the items above is still optional on some units, unavailable on some, and stock on a few. Next, let’s talk about apps and administrative support.

Apps & Tools for Restaurants

The whole point of using a POS instead of a simple terminal and cash register setup is to gain access to additional tools that help your business operate more efficiently. Usually this is accomplished by including apps that help organize your staff, inventory, and customers. Over a decade ago, the Clover Station POS revolutionized the market by creating a platform where these features can be added or subtracted through the use of onboard apps, and the new Clover 2.0 station carries that legacy forward. On top of that design refresh to the main station, the people at Clover have also built several specialty models to suit the needs of businesses in several niches. There are also competitors that have seized on the model Clover set up, providing alternatives with very specific tools for niche restaurant types like food trucks and pizzerias.

As you consider what your restaurant needs, keep these options in mind:

  • Appointment setting for reservations
  • Inventory tracking
  • Sales tracking by staff member
  • Staff schedule and time clock
  • Floor layout and table organization support
  • Web-based access to apps and data

If you need these organizational tools in a compact, mobile unit, it’s worth checking out the current Clover Flex price with your credit card processor. The Flex is a versatile unit that uses the Clover operating system and app store, provides mobile payment support, and streamlines the experience into a single handheld device. The best part? Your Clover account can coordinate data from mobile units like the Flex and full-size Clover Station units in your restaurants, allowing you to manage sales at multiple locations. There’s simply not a more versatile ecosystem out there right now for businesses that need a variety of hardware options.