Virtual Reality: Technical and Financial Components for Implementation in Various Sectors

Virtual Reality
In the current era of industrial progress, technology is developing at an ever faster pace. And the participants’ parity, regardless of the authorized capital, the number of workers and the experience of engineers, has led to the fact that revolutionary solutions are available to everyone!


One of the areas in which such equality is seen especially clearly is the field of virtual reality. This is easy to explain. On one hand, to create 3D images, industrial workshops with hundreds of workers are not needed, as is required, for example, for the production of a car. On the other hand, the alternative world turned out to be so exciting for gamers and useful from the point of view of using application programs that the popularity of VR is growing.

Many experts think that in the next 5-10 years, virtual reality will conquer the planet and become an integral part of our lives – just as computers did quite recently. Moreover, the majority are sure that the gaming industry will be in the “first ranks of the conquerors”. And it’s not just about console games, but even about online platforms, including online casinos as Shangri La.

Why? Because already now it is the most profitable among all directions of using VR. According to Superdata research, the number of people using virtual reality in one way or another (online casino games, trainings, business, medicine, etc.) exceeds several dozen million people.

But huge funds are being invested in the gaming industry. The volume of annual investments has already exceeded several billion. Therefore, it is not surprising that market leaders rushed to meet the needs of gamers in the first place. You have to fight for market share at the very beginning, then it will be difficult to “push” large players. Companies that make Samsung Gear, PlayStation, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift realized this earlier than others.

To better understand why VR games are so addicting, you need to understand what has been done for this in terms of technology. A virtual reality mask put on the head immediately, unlike a PC, “cuts off” the real world, leaving only the picture on the screen in the gamer visual field.

The drawing of the characters is becoming more and more qualitative, each time more and more accurately repeating the features of real heroes. The helmet settings make it possible to bring the lenses closer to the eyes, providing a viewing angle of 100 – 120 degrees. The two channels on the display provide one 3D image from two flat images.

And that is not all! Not only is the drawing beautiful in itself and moves, if it is a cartoon or video, the user can also control it all. Moreover, not only in the option of guiding the main character, but also in the first person, which creates the effect of complete immersion in an alternative world. To implement these possibilities, a head tracking system is provided.

It is based on accelerometers, gyroscopes and magnetometers. With the help of the mathematical model embedded in the program, you can synchronize the displacement of the image in any direction by a distance proportional to the angle of rotation or tilt of the head. One of the subtleties of the work is to ensure a very low response delay.

Systems that track hand movements have been developed on a similar principle. This enhances the “effect of presence”, allowing gamers in the virtual world, for example, to fight with numerous enemies and experience almost the same feelings as during a real battle, or in the live online casino with realistic interiors, games and staff. This option, by the way, is increasingly used in VR programs for training police officers and special forces.

The amount of return on investment in virtual reality is astounding right now. And we shouldn’t forget that VR games are at the very early stage of their development. Businessmen have great prospects. According to the roughest estimates, funding for development for gamers can take any business to a qualitatively new level. Moreover, this applies not only to large companies with established production, but even to ordinary startups.

There are already some very impressive versions on sale. And we can most likely assume that the next developments will be even better. Some games are drawn so well that they practically blur the line between real and virtual worlds. The field of action is numerous floors of huge skyscrapers or vast expanses of rugged terrain. And this is not some kind of dead surroundings, here you can move, you can interact with it! Habitual classic games did not give such a perfect sense of the reality of what was happening.

Another promising application of VR is to create the effect of being present at various real events. Putting on a helmet or glasses, the participant finds himself in the stadium where the real game takes place, at a real concert or in the casino gaming hall. This direction development will allow people to become participants in many events or observers of rare phenomena that were previously inaccessible to them.

Today, the development of the gaming direction in the field of alternative reality is strongly constrained by the high price of the headset. And in order to use it, you also need a sufficiently powerful computer – also not a cheap pleasure. But the developers are not discouraged. As the history of technological progress shows, sky-high equipment costs are inevitable early-stage costs.

After big money pours into the gaming industry and there is high competition among programmers, prices will fall quickly. That is, VR gadgets will become available to the vast majority of gamers. To confirm this,we can note the appearance on the market of quite affordable virtual reality helmets designed to work with smartphones.