6 Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020

Tumblr Alternatives
What’s your reason to look for Tumblr alternatives? Are you switching due to recent change in Tumblr policy, especially the ban on NSFW (Not safe for work) contents and adult contents, or are you looking for other best micro-blogging platforms?


Well, whatever be your reason, but one thing we must say that Tumblr is one of the best microblogging and social networking sites. It allows the users to post their multimedia and other contents in the form of a short blog. Like other social networking applications which let you express yourself, Tumblr also allows the users to post videos, photos, text, audio, and gifs, etc.

There are many sites like Tumblr available in the market, which allow its users to share their creativity and other opinions without paying anything.

I will share Tumblr alternatives later in this post, but before that, let me brief you more about Tumblr’s popularity.

Tumblr was first launched in 2007, and now, it is the property of Yahoo with 465 million blogs under it. The reason why it has a separate and huge fan base is that it is a mix of both blogging and social networking on a single site with a vast online community. It lets users post text, photos, as well as media items right from the dashboard. If you like any content or blog, you can reshare it quickly. You can also follow blogs of your interests.

Now, due to the recent ban on NSFW contents and adult contents, many users are looking for alternatives to Tumblr. Some of the users want to try other apps like Tumblr for blogging and sharing content that’s why migrating to another microblogging plus social media platform.

So if you’re looking for Tumblr alternatives, here is the list of Tumblr replacement that you can use to share your original content and follow blogs of your interests.

Top Tumblr Alternatives

#1. WordPress

WordPress- Tumblr Alternatives

WordPress deserves to be on the top of this list of alternatives to Tumblr, and the reasons are very obvious.

It allows you to create a new website without paying the cost. When you start your blog through WordPress, you can choose from countless themes to make your blog look really attractive. WordPress is completely customizable, which contains lots of themes and other useful plug-ins that users can install to add more functionality to their blog.

If you are looking for the best site like Tumblr with all blogging tools and services, WordPress is the only hit and trust me, it is perfect for the people who want to start their first blog. It has a simple user-interface and strong administration controls.

It comes along with everything you might expect a blogging service to have, such as social network integration, SEO, custom tags and categories, and multi-user support.

#2. Mastodon

Mastodon-tumblr replacement

Mastodon gained in lots of users after Tumblr banning adult content. It is another best Tumblr replacement after WordPress. Mastodon is an open-source microblogging platform which has individual servers and filtered timelines.

The user interface doesn’t look like Tumblr, but the features are very similar, including other people can like your posts, repost them, and make comments. Also, there are hotkeys too, so you can easily create new posts and do a lot more with just the keyboard.

When you use Mastodon, you don’t need to be logged in to view sensitive content. In addition to this, this Tumblr alternative is not commercial, so it doesn’t track your every activity and interrupt your home feed with ads and promoted posts.

#3. Pillowfort

Pillowfort-Apps like Tumblr

We cannot mention good content hosting sites that allow NSFW contents too without mentioning Pillowfort. The website works similar to Tumblr in all ways like it also allows people to post written text, photos, GIFs, Illustrations, and share them with the community.

It does not stop here as there is also a private messaging feature, a nested comment threads, and a built-in blacklisting feature that lets you hide posts containing specified tags and keywords.

#4. Blogger


One of the easiest blogging platform and also one of the best Tumblr alternatives is Blogger. The platform allows you to share your thoughts to the people for free.

Blogger is a well-known Google-owned blogging website popular amongst artists and those who like to showcase their art, writing, and other skills. Since it is Google’s service, there are pretty great features for the users such as you can view detailed stats of visitors on a monthly and weekly basis. Blogger is fully integrated with Google’s AdSense program, and also, posted videos are hosted on Google Video.

This blogging website supports multi-user function. The users have to get permission before using the same blog.

#5. Medium

Medium-Sites like Tumblr

Another online blogging platform with easy to use interface and great features is Medium. However, using Medium, you cannot personalize your page, but you can create a more appealing story.

The Medium contains all formatting, editing, and publishing tools like Tumblr. It offers real engagement metrics, tells you how many people viewed your stories, and how many read it thoroughly! I think this is an important feature for writers as it helps you evaluate your posts and work on possible improvements.

Medium is an excellent choice for people who appreciate and prefer good works rather than trending things.

#6. Newgrounds



Newgrounds is a pretty old website and has been around for almost two decades. It is like a social network for artists where you can share your content and follow others.

Also, it’s a great place for those looking for apps like Tumblr due to ban on NSFW content. In Newgrounds, you have the freedom to post anything you want. That is why it can be a great Tumblr alternative for NSFW and adult content.

Final Words

These are some of the best Tumblr alternatives if you are planning to migrate due to any reason be it a ban on NSFW content or you want to try out some other microblogging platform to share your thoughts with a large number of people.

I hope the list will help you out. Start sharing your ideas and also, let us know which alternative to Tumblr you liked the most.