Things You Shouldn’t Say to Your Girlfriend

Things You Shouldnt Say to Your Girlfriend
Any woman loves a man primarily with her ears. Various phrases and words can both attract a woman and push her away from you forever. If you follow the rules, eliminating from the speech all that you can’t tell the girl, you will make her the happiest.


Due to the different perceptions of different things and words, men often offend girls without even noticing it. As a result, minor grievances accumulate inside her vulnerable soul, and there are quarrels, misunderstandings, perhaps even a breakup. For men to understand the essence of the problems, women themselves call topics and phrases that can’t be said to them in any case.

  1. But my ex…

Do you want to quarrel? Then compare your girlfriend with your ex-girlfriend in any context. She believes that you had forgotten her completely. The words will torment her. And when a girl has such thoughts in her head, she is ready for battle. So, never tell about your ex. Moreover, this is one of the rules of finding love after 60. Even at this age, women will not like compression.

  1. It would be nice to lose weight

Never say that. By this, you are hinting to the girl that she is fat, which means that in the coming months, she will do everything to lose weight, forgetting about you completely.

  1. You are a bad cook

Yes, maybe she is still not doing well, but the girl is trying for you, so appreciate at least that. If you criticize the girl, then find the strength in yourself to help her but so that she doesn’t think that she cooks poorly.

  1. My mom is better at cooking/washing/cleaning, etc.

Well, then why do you need a girl? Women don’t like this phrase because it hits their pride hard. Your beloved does it the way she can and how she’s used to, gives herself all to this process, and you compare her like this – learn to appreciate that she is engaged in these matters at all.

  1. Are you pregnant?

You don’t need to constantly tell her about pregnancy, even if you are trying to have a baby. Each woman is very sensitive to the topic of maternity and pregnancy. And such open-ended questions may not please her. It will be especially offensive if she wants a baby, but for some reason, she can’t become pregnant.

  1. Your friend is so sexy

What can’t you talk about? Even if you are looking at a nice woman, you should never say anything to a girl about this. She immediately concludes that you don’t like her, and therefore, you pay more attention to others. You also shouldn’t compare her behavior with the behavior of other women.

  1. What kind of stupid thing are you watching, reading, listening, etc.?

You said it, the mechanism is started and after 5 seconds, a 15-minute monologue awaits you on the topic that you are biased against my tastes and interests, don’t respect them, and only what you like matters. Never say this to a woman if you want a relationship with her; otherwise, she will constantly remember this and you will often listen/watch/read this.

  1. Can I do something?

Never ask a girl for permission to do anything, especially in the early stages of a relationship. You are a man and you need to know when to do it and when to step back. Constantly asking permission, you make her the head and allow her to manipulate as she likes, which can’t be allowed; otherwise, you will not have a good relationship for a long time.

  1. Today you look better than yesterday

Honest feedback is not always good. Perhaps you are trying to help your girlfriend or wife with something but you can overdo it when you tell her that yesterday she looked better. According to their logic, this means that today a woman doesn’t look very good.