7 Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

Best Textsheet Alternatives for Students

If you’re a student, then you would have heard of Textsheet, an excellent free online educational platform that serves tons of study materials and other useful resources for students to complete their assignments and homework.


Students used Textsheet to save their time and make their work very efficiently and effectively accurate. This popular education platform used to provide enhanced solutions to questions asked by the users.

But what happened to Textsheet, and why are people looking for sites like textsheet?

Here is your answer…

Textsheet is a free edu website where students can find articles, essays, books, projects, assignments, resources for FREE. All the students can access the textsheet.com website to download all the pieces of information. But, sadly, the site was taken down due to copyright violations. The website was using another site’s information and providing it for free, and that’s the reason it got a copyright strike.

However, you don’t need to worry about this, in this article we will cover some Textsheet alternative which will get your work done easily.

Best Sites like Textsheet

1. Studylib

Studylib-Best Sites like Textsheet

Studylib is one of the most relevant and useful alternative sites for Textsheet, where students get answers for the assignment and all subjects.

The website provides answers for a diversity of subjects including Science, Maths, English, Social Science, Engineering, Arts & Humanities and what not?

This education platform lets you download all your required documents for free. Also, you are allowed to upload some critical assignment solution that can be useful for fellow students. This way, you can also contribute to the site if you are really good at something, be it a particular subject or project/assignment, etc.

Numerous file formats are supported by the studylib website such as tcr, rb, mobi, lit, chm, fb2, sxw, sxc, ods, odi, odg, csv, rtf, pptx, xlsx, docx, txt, pdf, and many more.

The homepage of the site is user-friendly. You can see the trending documents to know the most searchable content.

2. Slader


Slader is another famous site like Textsheet and an ideal platform for viewing and downloading study material.

The best thing about this website is it provides step by step guide for your queries and answers them with the help of several textbooks with a complete explanation.

Slader has similar-looking User Interface and functionality of Textsheet. Also, finding an answer on this website is simply effortless.

It is continually improving the quality of content and expanding high-level solutions products to help students in the best method.

The website offers a solution without asking for money, but you will have to face a few ads on it, which might irritate you sometimes.

Well, the website has a huge student base, especially in the US. Slader contains all the solutions of US Syllabus.

3. Course Hero

Course Hero-Textsheet Alternative

Course Hero is a library where you will quickly find the answers to all your questions by checking the search box for your question. Amazingly, the website has more than 25 million of course study material.

Because of its well-organized structure, students do not find any difficulty to find a document and course. You can find the study material or filter your question based on school name, subject name and many other options too.

With Course Hero, you can also make money by uploading documents and referring to your friends.

4. Chegg


Another popular site which is Textsheet alternative is Chegg. This website copyrighted textsheet.com for copying their content. Well, we do not talk more about what had happened but we will surely know about Chegg’s features.

It is the ultimate place where you will get solution for various assignments in less time. Chegg provides you with a complete solution of almost any question step by step.

You don’t need to worry if you are unable to complete homework or assignment because experts are always there to help you.

Above all, Chegg has a lot to offer students, such as online tutoring, help with homework, internship matching, test preparation, as well as textbook rentals (both physical and digital).

One thing that you must know about this website is it’s not free and students are required to get a monthly membership.

5. PaperHelp

PaperHelp-Textsheet alternative

Another name that should be on the list of sites like Textsheet is PaperHelp. Unlike other alternatives, it’s a custom paper writing services provider.

Whether you are in high school or in college or you are doing your PhD, this website will help you to write your research paper in a very easy way.

PaperHelp has everything related to research papers which can be useful for all those who are doing research on something. You don’t have to write the whole thing but need to pay the amount to buy research papers. And of course, this can help you in saving a lot of time when you have to submit research papers for your subject.

6. CrazyForStudy


CrazyForStudy(CFS) has a lot of things to offer as the website claims that they have over 50 million questions and answers on various topics.

They have a huge collection of answers for numerous questions for high school and college students.

CFS offers course-specific solution manuals, online assignment to help users on a variety of topics such as accounting, science/math, finance, engineering, computer science, and many more.

They also have a paid assignment service that you can use for college and university assignments and projects.

One important thing which I didn’t add yet is CFS is especially for students studying in Australia. They can even find the books prescribed and followed by their respective institutions by choosing up the college name.

7. SparkNotes


Last but not least, SparkNotes guide you around biology, computer science, mathematics, chemistry, health, physics, history, psychology, biography, US government and politics, economics, drama, philosophy, sociology, film, poetry, storytelling, short stories, computer science and other subjects.

The website offers an online platform for students to purchase books as well as test preparation services. You can find sample tests, essay help, and more.

SparkNotes is more helpful if you are looking for literature study guides.

Final Words

What are you waiting for? Just visit any of these websites and get your projects and assignments done instantly.

Don’t forget to let us know which Textsheet alternative is your favourite.