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best free sports streaming sites
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What I have observed personally is sports make people crazy, and this observation of mine is undeniable too. Agree or not? There are millions of sports fans from all over the world, and that’s why they are looking for some best sports streaming sites to watch games anytime, anywhere.


Why there’s a need to watch sport online? It is because sometimes your cable provider doesn’t offer you the match you want to watch or due to shortage of signals, there is a lot of disturbance in the network due to which you are not able to watch your favourite sports event. The list of best free sports streaming sites makes it easy for you to catch all the sports of your choice be it live cricket, football, baseball, basketball and other matches online.

These sports websites can be accessed through the computer, Android device, PC, iPhone or Tablets from any time anywhere. You don’t need to leave your work just for the sake of watching sport at a particular time. If there is an internet connection with good speed, you can watch sports online anytime.

With the sports streaming sites below, you can enjoy UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish Primera Division, Italian Serie A, Cricket, Badminton, Rugby, NBA, NFL and more.

Check out the list.

Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

#1. WatchESPN

WatchESPN-best sports streaming sites

WatchESPN is a world-famous and oldest sports entertainment provider with a large Sports Network that is available to stream on mobile phones, tablets, gaming consoles and PCs.

It is one of the best free sports streaming sites which offer users their favourite sports events. Also, WatchESPN is the primary source of sporting news.

Once you start visiting this sports streaming site to watch sports online, you will never complain about the video quality. It has clean user-interface with all the information available on their homepage.

#2. Laola1

Laola1-best free sports streaming sites

Laola1 is another name if you want to watch sport online. The site was mainly designed for streaming football but later extended to other sports as well.

The site is suitable for people who want to watch live streams, especially those who are in the US can watch events from all around the world due to the International English version of the website.

The UI of Laola1 looks clean and modern. Also, only fewer advertisements will be shown to users while watching sports.

The sports like Football, Handball, Volleyball, Hockey, and all other famous sports could be streamed live using this web portal.

#3. FromHot


Another among the best free sports streaming sites is FromHot. It is the place where you can stream sports events like Hockey, Football, Basketball, tennis, Baseball, Motorsports, Golf, etc.

This website is available around the world, which means from any region of the globe, anyone can access any live sport direct from the computer or mobile phone.

From its navigation to the interface, the site looks incredible from every side.

Also, from FromHot you can get information regarding sports, baseball, Moto GP, Volleyball or Gold.

On the home page, you will get a list of on-going matches of different sports. Just click on any of them to start streaming it.

#4. Fox Sports

Fox Sports

Fox Sports is one of the right places to stream your favourite games. While accessing this web portal to watch sport online, you are not breaching any law, which is a great thing.

Different games have a dedicated section on Fox Sports. In addition to sports streaming, the website also publishes detailed sports news-based articles.

Here you can watch Football, Badminton, WWE, Motorsports, Tennis, Combat sports, Basketball, and many other sports. What’s more, it’s all free to watch live as it happens.

#5. Haha Sport


Another one of the most popular best sports streaming sites is Haha Sport. For sports like Cricket, Hockey, Football, Cycling and many others, this website is a preferred one.

At Hahasport, you will get a massive list of all the live sports streams that are happening and the times that each sport is going to be shown.

Plus, they have a couple of links for the same stream, so if one is not working, then all you have to do is try another one to stream your favourite sports event online.

#6. SportLemon

SportLemon-watch sport online

If you are a sports enthusiast, then SportLemon is a good sports streaming site for you. It has a straightforward UI that provides a list of all the matches are being live-streamed at the moment, and you only need to select from the options you like.

SportLemon offers many games from different parts of the world. The website, however, has so many adverts that may interrupt you while watching your favourite matches.

Another perk of using this best free streaming sports site is that you can even watch some content externally by downloading it.

#7. Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Sports-best sports streaming sites

Yahoo Sports is a great source for watching sports online. Here you can’t see the full match, but the website can be used to stay updated about different sports. Also, it shows updated scores for various international sports events.

Yahoo Sports will bring you real-time information on several sports categories, irrespective of your device or geographical location, which is a great deal.

#8. Hotstar Sports

Yahoo Sports-best sports streaming sites

Hotstar is another one of the best sports streaming sites offering a wide range of sports contents.

When you scroll down, you can find that several popular sports videos are well classified into different sections so that you can quickly find your favourite sports. Various sports like football, cricket, table tennis, hockey, and many others have dedicated sections on Hotstar.

Here you can straightway watch various sports live streams and replays of your favourite tournaments.

#9. Sony LIV Sports

Sony LIV Sports-best free streaming sports sites

The next free live sports streaming website on the list is Sony LIV Sports. The site lets you stream football, cricket, Tennis, Basketball, and WWE on it. Along with sports streaming, you can get sports event updates and news on Sony LIV Sports.

This website is built especially for entertainment. And in addition to sports, you will also have access to TV series too.

In India, it is one of the popular websites which also have an app to watch the live stream on your handheld devices.

#10. FirstRow Sports

FirstRow Sports

When it comes to watching live sports, FirstRow Sports is one of the most popular among a lot. On this website, you can watch live games from around the world. FirstRow Sports offers everything from football matches in Brazil to ice hockey tournaments in Russia.

Not only this, at the platform, you will also get instant access to all kinds of and probably the streams of the leading sports channels for free.

You can download its desktop app for quick access to all the videos. Well, there is no need to install any external flash player to play the video.

#11. StopStream

stopstream-best free streaming sports sites

StopStream is one of the biggest sports streaming sites over the internet to enjoy live sports event.

The website brings numbers of sports channels that you can easily access anywhere around the world on any device. It also offers several sports categories which will help you to find your favourite channel easily.

StopStream has a simple website interface making it easy to navigate your live matches in no time and select the match you wish to watch live.

#12. CricFree


CricFree is the biggest streaming website for sports lovers which allows you to stream almost every available sports and game in the world.

If any sports goes live, you can click the watch button on the right side of the schedule table. It allows you to watch as many sports as you want, like Cricket, Football, Baseball, Boxing, Tennis, Rugby, Motors, Golf and many more.

There is also a chat-box featured on this site where you can interact with people of similar interests. There are few pop ads on this site, so I recommend you to enable Ad Blocker before visiting this site.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed this list of best sports streaming sites and can now watch your favourite live sports matches without any problems.

If you have suggestions or ideas of websites where you can watch sport online kindly share with us in the comment below, we will respond as soon as possible.