Now You Can Share Music and Podcasts to Snapchat with Spotify

Now You Can Share Music and Podcasts to Snapchat with Spotify
There’s good news for Spotify users. Spotify has launched an integration with Snapchat that allows users to share music and podcasts directly through Snapchat Stories.


Using Spotify, you can listen to your favourite music and podcasts. And with Snapchat, you can share what you’re up to instantaneously. Soon you’ll be able to combine the two seamlessly and share what you’re listening to in a Snap [story].

According to the latest integration, all Spotify users who have Snapchat app installed will be able to share their favourite tracks, playlists, albums, and podcasts right to Snapchat Story.

The announcement comes just a week after Spotify teamed up with Facebook to get music onto Facebook Stories. Spotify is now trying to build the music streaming experience on social media so that listeners are more connected, and the music is shared everywhere.

They plan to start rolling out the integration on iOS and Android devices soon.

Now the question is how can you Share Music and Podcasts to Snapchat with Spotify and the answer is, tap the three-dot share menu in the top right of the Spotify interface, and choose Snapchat from the dropdown list. Snapchat will open with a new Snap and the full album art included. You can then edit and send the Snap as usual.

Recipients of your Snap will be able to tap the context card to listen to the music or podcast you’ve shared.

Well, this is excellent news for both Spotify and Snapchat users.

Spotify with expanded social sharing options, hoping to reach millions of more users who may later convert to paying customers.