How to Remove Startup Items on Mac?

How to Remove Startup Items on Mac
What’s real pain? To see your Mac filled with auto-run apps or services as soon as you log in each morning. And this is all because of Mac startup programs, which are annoying and causing your system to slow down.


So how do you stop Mac startup items from opening automatically every time you start your computer?

We have an easy solution for you which can remove those Startup items from launching and slowing down your system’s performance.

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What are Mac Startup Programs?

If your Mac takes an abnormally long time to boot up, then it is all because of mac startup programs, and you need to know how you can remove those unwanted apps from your Mac when it starts.

Startup items(default login), or login items(in case you are login as a specific user), are services and applications that launch every time you start your Mac.

When you start your Mac, any items in the Startup Items folder should open automatically.

If you log in to your Mac, any items in your Login Items folder should open automatically.

When a user uses an application so frequently, then they open automatically when they log in.

Well, Apple computers come with a feature which allows you to manage which programs automatically load upon startup.

Below is the guide which will teach you how to remove startup programs.

Here we go…

Method1: Remove login Items from System Preferences

If you want to boost up your Mac’s startup time and prevent unnecessary applications from opening, disable unwanted programs from loading using below steps:

Step1: Click “System Preferences”.

Step2: Go to “Users & Groups” and click on it.

Step3: Select your account in the pane.

Step4: Click the “Login Items” tab.

Step5: Click an unwanted program from the “Item” list and then click the “-” button.

How to remove Mac Startup Programs using System Preferences

Repeat this step to remove additional programs from the startup list.

Step6: Close the window as you have removed those annoying items from the list.

Method 2: Remove Mac Startup Items

remove startupitems

There are some items which you may not find in Users & Groups under System Preferences, then, in that case, you can find them in two folders—/Library/StartupItems and /System/Library/StartupItems.

Most of the macOS-related Startup programs are placed in the /System/Library/StartupItems directory, which provides system-level basic services. And other startup items from the third-party application is in /Library/StartupItems.

If these folders contain something that you don’t use anymore, you can drag those items to the Trash to prevent it from loading automatically the next time you start your Mac.

Note: We do not recommend removing the startup item from /System/Library/StartupItems. Or some macOS services will not work normally.

Method3: Remove Launch Daemons and Agents

System Library LaunchAgents

The Launch daemons and agents are controlled by the launchd process; first process started in the MacOS environment after the kernel is successfully loaded.

Here’s the way to find launchd agent and launchd daemon location:

Step1: Open “Finder” on your Mac.

Step2: Select “Go” and then “Go to Folder”.

Step3: Search for: “~/Library/LaunchAgents/” or “/System/Library/LaunchAgents”.

The ~/Library/LaunchAgents is for a specific user account whereas /System/Library/LaunchAgents is for macOS only.

Library Launch Agents

Step4: Your Login Items are listed as .plist files. You can safely delete those .plist files. Always make a backup before deleting anything.

As the same as the startup items, we do not recommend removing the startup item from System/Library/LaunchAgents or System/Library/LaunchDaemons. They can make the Mac unstable or lead to system crashes.

Final Words

In this tutorial, I have shown you how to remove Mac Startup Programs. If you face any difficulty or there’s something you are unable to understand, comment us. We will put all our efforts to make you know how it can be achieved.