12 Best Rabb.it Alternatives For Streaming Videos With Friends

Rabb.it Alternatives
Are you guys here for Rabb.it alternatives? Well, you are exactly in the right place. Before you get the list of websites that work the same as Rabb.it, why not know the reason why several people like rabb.it the most.


How do you guys feel when you watch videos and movies with friends and family? I think it’s the most favorite thing of many people out there. Watching something alone is far better than watching in groups.

So Rabbit was one of the famous websites which let the users interact, stream, and watch different things with their people in real-time.

Didn’t get?

Okay. Let me be more specific.

With Rabb.it you could watch your favorite TV shows, videos and movies with your friends, without being in the same room and even in the same city.

Yes. You don’t need to be present in the same room to watch content. Using this ultimate service, multiple people can view the same content in real-time over a remote connection.

Also, you can communicate and collaborate with friends when they are at any other place. One of the best things comes with Rabb.it is it support a significant number of websites for combined entertainment purpose. You are allowed to watch videos and movies on Twitch, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, Vimeo, and much more together with your friends and family.

Now the question is why people are searching for sites like rabb.it? Well, the answer is here.

What Happened to Rabb.it?

As already said, Rabbit is a viral platform for users, which provides you with a way to watch your favorite content with family and friends, and you also don’t need to sit in the same room.

Rabbit sold all its assets to Kast, a rival streaming service, due to a lack of funding. The website ceased all its operations because of insufficient funding.

And also, there are a lot of people who have this question that if a rabbit is an illegal website or not. Well, the answer is very straightforward. It’s a legal site which fetches data from popular websites like YouTube or Netflix because it does not have the content stored in its server.

Kast acquired the rabbit on July 31st, 2019. The company has acquired Rabb.it’s soft intellectual property, trademarks, copyright, and design rights. And in May 2019, Rabb.it got shut down and laid off its employees.

So until Kast becomes the same as the Rabbit, you can choose the websites like rabb.it.

Top Rabb.it Alternatives

  1. Kosmi

Kosmi-Top Rabb.it Alternatives

If you are up for creating virtual hangouts with your friends, Kosmi is the place for you.

Forget about installation or signup. Just create a room where you can chat, communicate over webcam and microphone, and enjoy various other activities, including sharing a screen or browser tab for watching together(Netflix, Amazon Prime, Twitch), watching synced local video files and YouTube videos and many more.

Apart from streaming videos to watch together with your friends, you can chat, play S/NES games, Poker, etc.

The created rooms can be joined instantly using a URL, or you can publicly publish where strangers can request to join your room.

  1. Watch2gether


Watch2gether is another one of the great websites similar to the rabbit. With this platform, you can watch videos together with friends and family online.

Watch2gether was founded to entertain its users via video streaming and live chat. On this website, you can create your chat room for free without signing up. After creating the chat room, you invite other users to join the chat.

Apart from this, users can listen to music together online. Also, it supports websites like Deeze, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, etc. Gamers can watch with their favorite tournaments together through Twitch simultaneously while chatting via the chatbox.

Another great feature is users can shop online on Amazon together with their friends.

  1. TogetherTube


TogetherTube is a great platform that supports YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and many others. So you can watch content from different websites easily.

Why this website is on the list of rabb.it alternatives because of its user-friendly interface, all the tasks can be executed very efficiently by the users themselves.

The features that attract most of the users include you can search for the videos, share a link with many friends, you will get a synchronized player as well as a voting system (The videos with the most votes get played next), and there’s a built-in chat system.

You also can configure the settings in your chat room. You can change the name of the room or even restrict other users from voting on videos.

  1. andchill


The next popular name on the list of best websites like rabb.it is Andchill. It has all the main features, like watching the video together and all. But the best part is its interface, which is easy to use. You can share videos and audio files with one click.

You only have to create a room to watch and enjoy movies and videos or listen to music together with your buddies.

Apart from that, you can also browse a list of currently open public chat rooms. You can see what people are watching and how many people are in the room before joining.

  1. Gaze

Gaze-websites like rabbit

Unlike other alternatives to rabb.it, Gaze, lets you take a demo before using all of its features, which is always helpful.

It’s a distance movie watching platform that enables its visitors to enjoy the long-distance movie night.

Gaze offers many exciting features to its users, which include instant chat via text or by the usual video sharing, watching own video files, play various formats of videos and audios, quick sharing of videos, etc.

Also, the user will get constant feedback and suggestions to improve the experience when they are watching any media.

  1. Rave


Rave is a great online website that allows users to listen to music, watch movies, and binge shows from all around the world with their friends.

On this website, you can watch and interact at the same time. You and your friends can get access to so many streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, Vimeo, Viki, Reddit, and many more.

It does support not only all primary streaming services but also has a mobile app for Android and iOS.

The best part about Rave that attracts most users is that you can play music and sync with other smartphones to create a powerful speaker.

  1. myCircle.tv

myCircle.tv-sites like rabb.it

myCircle.tv is completely free to use and does not ask for registration. It has integrated various video streaming services like YouTube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion under its portal.

Many features come with this website such as you can create or join a room to invite friends, it has synchronized player and chats options, it allows you to organize your favorite playlist with your beloved ones in the real-time.

Besides that, you can also share URLs from other websites and watch video content together instantly.

  1. ShareTube


For those who are looking for top rabb.it alternatives, then ShareTube is the best alternative for them. The website comes with an easy to use interface.

All you have to do is create a unique room name and add a username. After that, add a link to the video you wish to stream, and you are all done.

One great thing about ShareTube is that it has various categories for the available public watch parties. Due to this, you can find an open room according to your interests.

If you wish to stream YouTube videos only, then ShareTube is a great option.

  1. Kast

kast-Rabbit Alternatives

As said in the beginning, Rabbit is acquired by Kast. If you open Rabb.it, it will redirect you to Kast.  So what could be better than this alternative to Rabbit? Kast is a real-time video sharing app that comes with various features.

With Kast, watch parties are made easy. You can share movies, TV shows, games, and whatever you want with your closed people.

Kast also offers apps for mobile devices, which is great. It also provides chatting options on its website as well as the apps.  Apart from that, you will find features like screen capture, voice, text, and video chat technology.

  1. Synaptop


Next, there is the Synaptop, which is free to use for hosting watch parties. Users can watch their favorite movies and other videos, along with their friends, without any hassle.

Though it is also free to use, you need to create an account. After account creation, you add apps. These apps let you watch movies, listen to music, play games, read books, and even collaborate on work projects.

You can use Synaptop, either visiting its website or installing the Synaptop mobile app on your smartphone.

With this website, you get real-time collaboration as well as texts and chatting options.

  1. BlaTube


Another web-based platform that allows its users to watch movies along with their friends is BlaTube.

The main feature of this website is that it offers perfect synchronization of video and supports audio, video, and text chat. It allows users to share a playlist and watch movies from most of the video streaming and sharing platforms.

Users don’t need to register or sign up to stream videos. You can create a room on the website and start watching videos with your group of people.

BlaTube is one of the best rabb.it alternatives, so give it a try.

  1. Metastream

Metastream-rabb.it alternatives

Our last popular video streaming service, like Rabb.it, is Metastream. It brings enhanced live streaming to multiple people and with almost zero latency.

Like many others on this list, Metastream also supports several popular websites for playback.

Apart from this, it is great with its on-screen chat, rapid user management, and the feature of video queuing.

Final Words

Rabbit is closed, but you can rely on these rabb.it alternatives. By using these websites, you can watch videos along with your friends, even if you are in different places.

All the sites like Rabbit are working smoothly, and you can use them for group video chatting with video streaming.

Which Rabbit alternative you liked the most? Tell us in the comments below.