PrepAway Dumps to Prepare and Pass Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exams

Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Certification Exams

Beating professional certification exams in the IT field can be a bit challenging. It’s quite hard to be tension free from the exam process―especially in taking the Microsoft certifications. And as the qualification day gets nearer, you become more and more unsettled because Microsoft certifications are the types of tests that are not very amusing to take but passing such can provide a very pleasing outcome to your CV.

There is no need to worry much though because, with proper motivation and tools, you can be enlightened to help minimize stress in dealing with Microsoft exams.

Microsoft certifications and its impact on other industries

Among the significant certifications offered by Microsoft is the MCSA or Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate. Professionals especially engineers all over the globe tend to take this credential to gain access to becoming a computer network specialist and have a wide range of opportunities in the information technology arena. And with a certification like the MCSA: Windows Server 2016, this is enough to prove your knowledge of the latest versions and new features of the system.

Microsoft has undeniably been one of the top names and a game-changer in the IT industry. It is used in schools, workplaces, and many other organizations. It is a significant aid that effectively helps users in properly collecting and organizing important data. As a result, companies and other organizations prefer to employ people who are equipped with this training to help them reduce cost and create more value to their enterprise.

Significant updates on the certification program

To be able to cope up with fast advancements in technology, Microsoft has announced some changes in their certification programs. This includes the introduction of role-based credentials in replacement to product knowledge certifications. Traditionally, knowledge learned was enough to confirm a specialist’s mastery in performing job tasks. However, with the role-based certifications, you will be able to gain a deeper knowledge of your function through practical and engaging applications.

Exam 70-741 as part of MCSA certification

Though certain revisions will be made on the exams, you may continue to review the knowledge-based certifications as long as you take and pass the exam before the retirement dates. Or, you may start preparing for the transition exam and earn a role-based certification instead.

In particular, Microsoft Exam 70-741 or also known as the MCSA Networking with Windows Server 2016 provides you not just with a career development but also showcases your expertise as a computer specialist.

This test is one component to the three-course series that you need to pass in order to get certifications in Windows Server 2016 certification. It covers the necessary networking skills that are needed in designing and configuring the said server. You will be managing, deploying, and sustaining different servers and network services. You will also be provided with information about advanced technologies as well as the changes and functionality of Windows Server 2016.

A Glimpse of the exam subject matter

When taking 70-741 test, it is essential for you to know about implementing Domain Name System (DNS), Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), IP Address Management (IPAM), network connectivity, remote access solutions, advanced network infrastructure, and distributed network solutions.

The other exams under MCSA Windows Server 2016 are 70-740 (Installation, Storage and Compute with Windows Server 2016) and 70-742 (Identity with Windows Server 2016). Furthermore, becoming an MCSA certified can pave way for you to become an MCSE: Core Infrastructure holder.

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Efficiently preparing for the exam

Most of you might think that taking certifications would entail extra cost aside from allocating time for the preparations. You might even consider signing up for training courses and spending more dollars to be able to acquire exam materials on the web.

Accessing these data should be easy and not cause you any trouble at all. PrepAway provides easy access to comprehensive files, which are almost the same with the real exam 70-741. Their exam dumps contain questions and verified answers that are made to ensure that all objectives of the test will be covered.

Some of the many best things about them are that they are user-friendly and they are equipped with the right information needed for your certification. They keep close to their main objective, which is to aid you effectively in your learning and provide you with the necessary exams that you can practice with.

The Perks of Being a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Windows Server Certifications are a trend in identifying a professional’s level in the IT field. The preparations for the exam could be nerve-wracking and exhausting, especially if you don’t have the right tools to help you. It is also expected that keeping your focus when studying would not be easy, but always be reminded not to give up.

The reward of being a Certified Associate is worth the hard work. Keep in mind that many job offerings will come to you once you have achieved the certification. Along with job opportunities you’ll get better compensation and attractive benefits. Working with a certification in Windows Server 2016 can also help companies minimize IT costs and modernize business processes.


Most MCSA certifications are crucial for those who want to start their path into the MCSE or the expert level credentials. Taking Microsoft Exam 70-741 would get you a step closer to your professional goals. These certifications are intended to enable you to enhance your IT skills and expound your practical knowledge about Windows Server 2016. It is then necessary that you prepare for it and avail of resources that will surely help you in your career growth.