10 Party Invitations Templates That Your Guests Will Not Be Able To Ignore

Party Invitations Templates
While preparing party invitation templates, you would want them to be professional-looking and elegant so that its receiver would be tempted to accept the invitation.


Party invites can vary between categories like formal, casual, and corporate. Party templates are available online for all these categories. You can choose any template according to what suits you.

Do you prefer something bright, vibrant, and shiny or something more refreshing and sophisticated? Every choice you could make while selecting templates is available on online editing platforms.

Top 10 Irresistible Party Invitation Templates

To achieve the goal of maintaining a professional yet a creative appeal in your party invitation template, you don’t need to hire a professional and spend your savings, but instead, pick from the already made templates online and customize them accordingly.

InVideo is an online editing platform that offers tons of party invitation template to choose from and modify as per your liking.

Here are 10 party invitation template designs that your guests won’t be able to ignore at any costs –

1. Holiday Celebration Simple Corporate

This template is the perfect definition of being simple yet elegant. This invitation template is a formal invitation to invite partners or associates to a Holiday Celebration.

The background is white, accompanied by fancy borders around and decent text font to complement its elegance.

The overall aesthetic appeal of the invitation template gives off a mature outlook while still being eye-catching.

2. The joy of The Season Party

This kind of party invitation template is best suited for events that hold performances and other entertaining programs.

This template has been made specifically to attract guests to coming over and watching a majestic performance unravel on the stage.

Party Invitations Templates

The overall theme is dark and intense, with the background being stage curtains to depict a performance. The overall font and its color have been set perfectly to blend in with the background and appealingly convey information.

The dates and venue are mentioned clearly and separately, so there is no room for confusion or misunderstandings.

3. Flowers and Warmth Theme

The Spring and Flowers is a party invitation design template to call upon guests and relatives for drinks or dinner. This template is used when you are calling over someone for a casual get together and catch up on the hectic mundane.

The aesthetics include warm and soothing colors further complemented by an image of flowers. This creates a therapeutic effect for the receiver, thus manipulating them in a way to agree to the party invite.

Three dialogue boxes are hovering on the top to provide you space to include notes.

4. Vibrant Squares and Blues Backdrop

This kind of party invite template can be used for various occasions. It all comes down to how you would interpret it. It has a game-like theme and a more fun appeal to it.

This template contains colorful squares, giving off the look of a celebration extravaganza. The template looks energetic and amusing, with the text for the event title mentioned clearly below the larger text “PARTY.”

Colorful squares are floating all around on a blue background that makes it look more tempting and interesting enough that a mere glance won’t do its elegance justice.

5. Snowflakes and a Yellow Background

This is an email-style Christmas party invitation and is usually used to organize an office Christmas party with all your colleagues.

The backdrop is yellow and filled with snowflakes that make it more vibrant and catchy without giving the feeling of any over-decorations. The text is rather simple without any font variations.

This can be suitable for those who don’t care much about the font or font variations amongst the title, venue, date, and any other details.

6. Header Encased in Red Flora

This party design template is as the name suggests. It has its main header written between a red flora design to enunciate it and make it look glamorous.

It can be used to invite your friends, colleagues, or relatives over for a get-together.

It is a floral design that is themed red and contains a flower heading. The red floral pattern gives off a more glossy appeal to the heading while keeping the text simple and written in a single font.

7. Cocktail Party Invitation

This invitation template has been designed for season celebration parties, company barbecues together, or business lunch/dinner events hosted for the clients or employees.

The coloring and design are contrasted well, with a white background and triangular-shaped border designs. It also has clipart depicting a baker holding a pie.

The font of the template contains variations to vary the gravity of each heading or text written.

8. Invitation to a Festival Dinner

The Festival Dinner invitation template is used to call upon relatives, friends, or fellow workers for a festival dinner together at your place.

It has a vibrant and jolly theme constituted by flowers, butterflies, ribbons, celestial bodies, balloons, and beautiful ornaments. It represents a creative and a jovial party design to depict the happy times a festival instills in your life.

9. Vintage Themed Holiday Party

This is an office event invitation with the theme of being classy and vintage.

The background is brown, with fancy corners and attractive designs around the main writing box. There are hanging lanterns on both sides of the box, giving off a vintage appeal.

The font is also varied to adjust various headings and accounts for the text written.

10. Simple Invitation

As the name implies, the design is rather simple, without much complexities or colorful backgrounds or varying fonts.

This invitation is plain and written plainly for those who do not want to make their invitations overly fancy. This invitation can be used for any occasion without having to tweak much but mere text alone.

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Final Words

There are tons of templates available online for you to choose from and customize. Each template holds its significance.

Some party invitation templates are used for formal invites while the others are used to call upon friends or relatives.

You can find these templates online from a good editing platform where you would get tons of options to customize the template that fits your needs.