How To Fix Pair Error in Kodi – Olpair, Tvad.Me/Pair and More

How To Fix Pair Error in Kodi – Olpair, Tvad.Me/Pair and More
Being a Kodi user, you might have come across a lot of Kodi errors while using Kodi addons to watch Movies/Shows. It is very frustrating to receive an annoying Olpair error that occurs when attempting to play a streaming video of your favorite movie and TV show from particular Kodi Add-on applications.


The errors are generally associated with Openload Pair messages and are often described as one of the following: olpair,,, and

You may have seen an error like this:

OpenLoad Stream Authorization popup- Kodi error olpair

“Openload stream authorization – To play this video, authorization is required, visit the link below to authorize the devices on your network – or or or etc…then click Pair”

In this article, we will explain the cause, fix and prevention of pair errors in Kodi. ? What is Kodi pair error for Olpair and other? Why do you need to pair when using Kodi to play video? How to fix pair error in Kodi?

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What is Pair Error in Kodi and Why it Occurs?

Kodi is open-source software that is powered by many unofficial addons. Due to this reason, users encounter some issues when using the media player. Among these is the pair error.

The pair error on Kodi occurs when using an addon that links to a stream that requires authorization for viewing. Some of the most common pair errors users experience include Olpair (OpenLoad pair), Vshare,,, and

Vidup and TheVideo are huge streaming services that offer some of the best TV shows and movies. Although all the movies hosted on this platform isn’t original, some are copyrighted too. These websites don’t want bots or automated scripts to visit their website and due to which they put a gate or wall in between to access the content.

The database of such websites is really huge, that’s why demand can sometimes be very high. As such, many video sources may require users to pair and authorize their IP address from time to time to prevent traffic overloads on their servers.

So when you see the pair errors, it’s just that you need to bypass the gate or wall by showing them you’re a human who is trying to access their content. In no time you can prove it and watch your favorite movie and TV show.

But one thing you must not forget and that is VPN.

Why I Recommend Using a VPN?

Whenever you use Kodi add-ons to watch free content, you can’t fully trust their developer. A VPN secures your connection by encrypting your traffic so these developers can’t store your activity logs.

Also, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) can no longer sell your logs/history to third parties such as government, watchdog groups, etc.

In addition to this, you are allowed to access Kodi add-ons, apps, and streams that your ISP has blocked.

All in all, a VPN will encrypt your connection to the Internet, mask your IP address, and provide you with the security and privacy that you deserve.

Now we are heading to resolve Kodi pair error for Olpair,,

Most Recommended Methods to Fix Pair Error in Kodi

Method 1: Pair Streaming Device

Step 1: When the Olpair error occurs, an OpenLoad Stream Authorization popup will appear on your Kodi screen.

OpenLoad Stream Authorization popup- Kodi error olpair

Step 2: To authorize, you must visit the link provided in the message. There are numerous links that may prompt such as or or or etc when trying to view a stream.

Step 3: Click the checkbox that reads I’m not a robot.

Click I am not a

Step 4: This will prompt reCaptcha verification in some cases. Select the right images to complete the verification process.

Recaptha verification

Step 5: When you’ve completed the verification process, the checkbox will be green marked.

Verification Completed green marked-Kodi pair error for olpair

Step 6: Now click pair to authorize OpenLoad

Click on the Pair-Fix Pair Error in Kodi

Step 7: A message will prompt stating the Pairing has been successful

Pairing Successfull

That’s great! The Olpair error has been fixed, and now you can smoothly play OpenLoad streams on your Kodi device.

Method 2: Fix Pair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters

Step 1: Launch Kodi and open your preferred Add-On (I have chosen Exodus Redux addon as my example)

Fix Pair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters- step1 Kodi pair error for Olpair

Step 2: After clicking Exodus Redux scroll down to Tools.

Fix olpair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters- step2

Step 3: Click SETTINGS: Playback

Fix olpair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters- step3

Step 4: Next hover over the Playback option and look for Hosters with captchas in the File Hosting Filters section. Click to disable it.

Fix pair Error in Kodi by Disabling Captcha Hosters- step4

Now you have successfully disabled Hosters with captchas. All streams from Olpair, Vidup, Thevideo, and similar sources will be removed from Exodus Redux, and you won’t see a single pair error.

Method 3: Configuring URL Resolver

Note: By following this method, you are blocking one or more of the potential servers.

Step 1: From the Kodi home screen, click the Settings icon.

Configuring URL Resolver-step1

Step 2: Select System settings.

Configuring URL Resolver-step2

Step 3: Change mode from standard to Expert mode in the bottom left corner.

Configuring URL Resolver-step3Step 4: Select the Add-ons on the left menu, then select Manage dependencies.

Configuring URL Resolver-step4

Step 5: Scroll down until you find URL Resolver. Click on it.

Configuring URL Resolver-step5

Step 6: Select the configure tab.

Configuring URL Resolver-step6

Step 7: A list of resolvers will appear. Select Resolver 4 to view the list of server.

Configuring URL Resolver-step7

After that, choose the server name in which the pair error occurred and disable it. Here we are selecting OpenLoad server.

Configuring URL Resolver-step7.1

Now you have fixed the pair error on Kodi for the OpenLoad server. This way you can disable any server using the URLResolver, and that one will no longer appear in the list of servers. It’s your time now. Restart the Kodi and enjoy the videos without any disturbances.

Final Words

These methods will help you in fixing Kodi pair error for Olpair,, and other sources.

However, while each method is valid and working, we highly recommend the first one, which is pairing streaming device as this will give you access to more quality streams.

Try these methods, in case you find any issue do let us know. We would be glad to solve your problems.