10 Best Online Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Your Friends in Quarantine

Best Online Multiplayer Games
What are you doing during this time of social distancing? You can’t physically be with your friends, but you can play with them during the coronavirus pandemic.


We are very much aware of the current scenario of the world, which is combatting the COVID-19 outbreak, and the situation can get worse if people don’t stay at their homes and self-quarantine.

The number of cases is on the rise, and it is advised to stay indoors, whatever may be the reason.

However, playing games enhances the stimulus of the brain and makes you feel better. It helps you to tackle your stress, and you can spend hours without getting bored.

So if you are missing hanging out with your friends, and wants to play with them in Quarantine, online multiplayer games are the best way to avoid boredom and to play with your friends despite your separation.

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Top Online Multiplayer Games


PUBG-Online Multiplayer Games You Can Play With Your Friends in Quarantine

Online games give you the flexibility to invite your other friends too, and PUBG is one of the most popular online multiplayer games that has become one of the most downloaded and well-known games for mobile phones in very less time.

During its initial days, it was a PC game, but following the success, the game has been ported to mobile platforms. Now the game is played by millions of players, and during social distancing time, the PUBG game can be the best choice if you are thinking of playing games online together with your friends.

The game is based upon armor and H1Z1 and can indulge up to 99 players at a time. The reason behind its popularity is the graphics and real situation where a map and a mission is assigned with more enemies hiding in the bushes. The goal is to survive until the last to win the famous Chicken Dinner.

2. Call of Duty Mobile


Another online game that can be played with your friends is Call of Duty Mobile. If you like shooting with a big gun, it doesn’t get much better than Call of Duty.

It features a good collection of competitive game modes, deathly weapons, and many classic maps. As you progress in the game, you can find many famous characters, unlock new weapons, purchase new outfits, and different pieces of gear.

The mobile version of Call of Duty has come up with equal fun and thrill. It has voice and text chat, along with great sound and graphics. Your aim in the game is shooting enemies and zombies to survive.

3. FIFA Soccer


FIFA Soccer is another best game you can play right now. It is one of the most intensive and feature-rich mobile football games out there for Android. The gameplay is easy for beginners too.

The game lets you form a powerful League under your command. You are allowed to join leagues to participate in the World Wide Tournament. Also, you can choose players from more than 500 teams to make your dream team and compete with players.

From excellent graphics to a lot of content and decent features, there are many things that might attract you while playing the game.

4. Fortnite


Fortnite is nothing less than PUBG Mobile. The game starts with 100 players, and then they compete with each other to become the last men standing.

It is a single, action-adventure, addictive and multiplayer battle royale video game about scavenging items, exploration, creating structure, crafting weapons against a gamut of monsters.

The game is available for iOS devices and Android users. The colourful animations and graphics in the game will attract more gamers.

Battle for the survival of individual players or join the team and fight with loyal comrades. The last player or team will win the game.

5. Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans-Online Multiplayer Games

Clash Of Clans(CoC) is a strategy video game which is set in a fantasy-themed persistent world where the player is the chief of the village. In this game, players have to build their own town using the resources gained from attacking other players through the games fighting features.

In CoC, players can take part in a lot of missions, from single-player campaigns to multiplayer adventures. You spend most of your time gathering resources to create better buildings and produce stronger soldiers.

You can play this game on any platform as it is available on almost every OS of smartphones and even on computers.

Clash Of Clans is one of the most addictive strategy games right now which you can play during Quarantine.

6. Carrom Pool


In Carrom Pool game you have options like multi-player matches and online competition. The game offers a great experience with easy navigation and a systematic coin reward system.

This Multiplayer, Sports and Single-player Board video game is available for both iOS and Android users. In this game the player invites his friend to play the real board game, enabling both to defeat each other at any cost for gold coins.

You can either play this game with your friends or compete against top players around the world. It has smooth controls and realistic physics.

The game utilizes the standard rules that everybody can understand easily. This virtual board game is easy to play, so that family members and friends can enjoy a game on their devices.

7. UNO

UNO-games during Isolation or Lockdown

One of the popular multiplayer card games on this list is UNO. In this game, a little bit of chance and a little bit of strategy helps you get rid of the cards in your hand to win. You can play this game online with your best friends or versus the computer.

UNO is a very simple game of matching colours and numbers that anyone can learn in a couple of minutes.

You must match the number or colour of the card. Each turn, you can either play a single card or draw a card. Cards come in four colors, and you can only play cards of the same color or face (number of symbol) as the card played before you. If you can’t play a card, you draw one. You will win this online card game once you got rid of all your cards.

8. Ludo King

Ludo King

Another game which will entertain you during lockdown is Ludo King. It’s a traditional board game played by Indian kings.  The game has two parts i.e. the iconic Ludo King and another famous Indian game Snakes and Ladder.

The user interface of Ludo King is easy to use. The fast matchmaking, low pings, and fast-paced gameplay make this game more demanding in comparison to other Ludo games.

The rules and regulations of playing Ludo King remain the same. You have four tokens with you, and you need a ‘six’ on the die to remove the token from home and take it to the centre and the first one to do so wins. Also, when you pick the token out of the home, you will have to bypass or run away from opponent’s token or attack it in order to complete a full circle. Once you complete the circle, take it to the centre to become a winner.

9. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

The Pool is a classic game that most of us enjoy. There are solid and stripe balls on the table, and the player who can get his balls in the table pockets first wins.

The 8 Ball Pool game is made up of five stages, including London, Sydney, Moscow, Tokyo, and Las Vegas. Each player spends the entry fee in in-game currency to play one round; the rates have fees that become gradually higher. On Winning, you receive twice the amount you paid.

In addition to providing lots of entertainment, the game can also serve as a good platform to understand the game better through various tips and tricks. This multiplayer game automatically connects you to users within the game and lets you play.

The graphics are so appealing. The movements and responses of the shots and misses are almost the same as the real game. The controls are also simple. You only need to select your spot and angle, adjust the trajectory and release the power bar for a perfect strike.

10. Word With Friends 2

words with friends 2

The last game in our list of online multiplayer games is Word With Friends 2. It has been an enormously popular casual multiplayer game.

In this game, you are given seven random letter tiles, which you use to form new words on the board by playing off existing words that are already on the board. The game lets you prove how clever you are by taking on friends in head-to-head word-creation combat.

It is one of the best online puzzle games available on Android and iOS.

Final Words

So these are some of the popular online multiplayer games which you can play with your friends while trapped inside.

Don’t go outside. Stay safe.