Is Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo? Here are 4 Way to Fix the Problem

Your iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo
You recently have updated or restored your iPhone, and you have no idea why your iPhone stuck on apple logo. This issue is very frequent, and many iPhone users have faced it already.


So what is the solution?

Right here I’m gonna tell you four simple ways to resolve iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo issue. This problem is not all that serious and can be fixed without any difficulty.

For most iPhone users who meet this problem, here are the fixes:

How to Fix An iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo {Simple Ways}

Solution #1: Restart Your iPhone

Well, I won’t promise this solution will work 100% for you but you can atleast give it a try because in most of the cases it does work.

The procedure is very simple. You only have to shut down your iPhone and restart an unresponsive operating system with the hope that it will start working and you won’t see that irritating iPhone stuck on apple screen.

The process does not affect the internal data, so there’s no need to worry about permanent data loss.

Just press and hold on the ON/OFF button and slide to power off.

For iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users

Press and hold the volume down button while still holding the On/Off button. Keep holding both buttons for 10 seconds.

For iPhone 8, 8 Plus or iPhone X Series users

Quickly Press and release the Volume Up button – Quickly press and release the Volume Down button -Press and hold the Side button until you see the Apple logo.

If the problem is still there even after the forced restart, it’s high time to look for another solution.

Solution #2: Use Recovery Mode to Update iPhone

Now you can try recovery mode to get rid of the iPhone stuck on apple logo issue.

When your device is in recovery mode, iTunes allows you to restore your device to factory settings with the latest iOS version. The process is simple and solves the problem in some cases.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo-use recovery mode

See the steps below:

#Step1: Connect your iPhone to the computer and open iTunes.

#Step2:  Hold down the Power button and the Volume Down buttons of your iPhone at the same.

#Step3:  You will see the white Apple logo screen too. Just keep holding the two buttons until you see the connect to iTunes screen.

#Step4:  If prompted with the option to Restore or Update, select Update to proceed with iOS update installation. Wait for iTunes to attempt to reinstall iOS without erasing your data. After that, iTunes will initiate the software download for your iPhone. If the download takes more than 15 minutes, your iPhone will exit recovery mode. In this case, you will need to go back to the prior step wherein you force your iPhone to restart.

iPhone stuck on Apple logo

Solution #3: Use DFU Mode

If your iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo even after trying above two solutions, then you should use DFU (Device Firmware Update) mode.

It enables your device to communicate with iTunes, restore it, and start fresh.

#Step1: Connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable.

#Step2: Open iTunes on your computer.

#Step3: Turn off your iPhone.

#Step4: Press and hold the Side (or On/Off, depending on your model) button for 3 seconds.

On iPhone 7 and up

While still holding the Side button, press and hold the Volume Down button. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds.

On iPhone 6S and earlier

While still holding the On/Off button, press and hold the Home button. Hold both buttons for 10 seconds.

Then, leave the power ON/OFF button but keep holding the Home or the Volume Down button for about 5 seconds.

#Step5: If you find a black screen then congratulations, you’re in DFU mode.

Please note if you see the Apple logo or Connect to iTunes prompt, it means you are not in DFU Mode. You will have to repeat the process from step 1.

#Step6: Once you’re in DFU Mode, a pop-up window appears in iTunes on your computer and prompts you to restore your iPhone. You have the option to restore your iPhone to factory settings or restore from a previous backup.

Well, using DFU mode is one of the best ways to get your iPhone out of the Apple logo.

Solution #4: dr.fone – iOS System Recovery

Everyone wants safe and guaranteed solution of a problem and if your iPhone stuck on apple logo and you need such solution then we highly recommend you use an application called dr.fone —Repair.

It solves the problem without any data loss.

Here are the steps to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo without data loss:

#Step1: Visit the website and download the dr.fone program, and then install it on your PC.

#Step2: Launch dr.fone, and choose the “System Repair” option from the dashboard.

drfone iOS System Recovery-iphone stuck on apple screen

#Step3: Now select “iOS Repair”.  and you can find Standard Mode and Advanced Mode. You are advised to use Standard Mode first.

drfone iOS System Recovery 2

#Step4: In the next window, your Device model information is automatically detected. You need to choose to download the right matched iOS firmware.

drfone iOS System Recovery 3

#Step5: The best part begins once the download has finished. The dr. fone will begin repairing the problem that is causing the iPhone won’t turn on stuck on apple logo.

drfone iOS System Recovery 4

After repairing, your phone will restart automatically, and run normally. The problem iPhone stuck on apple logo will finally go away and you can enjoy playing with your iPhone.

Final Words

Now it is easy to get rid of the common issue which is iPhone stuck on apple screen. No matter which iPhone model ( iPhone XR, iPhone XS (Max), or any other iPhone model) you are using, this annoying problem will be no longer if you’ll try the above solutions.

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