How to Use iMessage on Windows PC – 2 Methods Explained

How to Use iMessage on Windows PC
iMessage on PC, many people search it on Google because they know the worth of iMessage app.


iMessage is one of the most popular iOS features which allow users to use services like free messaging, P2P money transfers, a wide range of emojis and GIFs and outstanding encryption for data protection.

There are many similar apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, but iMessage is unique because of its amazing features.

Apple has made it very smooth for iOS users to pick up conversations on their Mac systems right where they left off on their iPhone and iPads. You can pick up a conversation on almost any Apple device. The service supports only iOS and Mac OS X operating systems.

So what if a Windows user wants iMessage for Windows? See there is no official way to get iMessage on PC because Apple wants to limit iMessage to its own service. But still, there are ways to get this on your PC.

For all those Windows users who want to use iMessage service by Apple, then there are some alternate solutions for you.

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How to Use iMessage on PC Windows {2 Methods}

These two ways will help you get iMessage on PC.

The first way is quite safer but comes with a pre-requisite that some of you might not be meeting.

The second way is free of pre-requisites but is riskier for your system because you need a third-party app for this.

Well, in both cases you will get iMessage for Windows.

So here’s a fast solution for Windows users.

Method 1:  Using Chrome Remote Desktop

As already said, this method comes with a pre-requisite where you will require a Mac and a Windows device to benefit from iMessage on PC.

Here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1: Download Google Chrome browser from the official website on both the computers (PC and Mac).

Step 2: Install Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both computers.

Install Chrome Remote Desktop on Mac and Windows- How to Use iMessage on PC

Step 3: Once the installation is completed, click on the ‘Launch App’ button on the top right.

After installation click on Launch App- 2

Step 4: Now on the Mac computer, download ‘Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer’.

Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer-imessage for windows

Step 5: Follow the on-screen instructions to install the application. During the installation process, you may be required to enter your Mac computer password.

Installation of Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer

chrome-remote-host-installer-successfull installation

Step 6: Now launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac. There you will see a 12 digit code on the screen. Note it down.

Use code to connect both Mac-and-Windows

Step 7: Now launch Chrome Remote Desktop on your Windows PC and enter the 12-digit code. You can connect your Mac and Windows computers through the security code of Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 8: Once the connection is successful (usually takes less than a minute), you will see a screen displaying your Mac desktop.

Enjoy iMessage on PC

Now you can enjoy iMessage on PC.

Note: Be careful about who you share the code with because anyone with the code will have access to your Mac and you would have compromised your privacy.

Method 2: Using iPadian Emulator

This method will let you run the iOS-based apps on Windows. iPadian Emulator is a 3rd party software to create a virtual iOS system on windows PC. With iPadian you can easily install iMessage on windows.

Follow these steps to install iPadian:

Step 1: Download iPadian emulator on Windows.

Step 2: Install it.

Step 3: Run the emulator and accept the terms and conditions.

Step 4: Launch it.

Step 5: Search for the ‘iMessage’ in the search bar.

Step 6: After searching for iMessage on your Windows PC, now you need to download iMessage on the iPadian Emulator.

Step 7: You can now start using iMessage on PC.

Note: The emulators are slow, and it may perform below your expectations, but overall it is a better option for the Windows user. Also, iPad emulators can fill up your PC with viruses. So, it is recommended to install anti-virus on your PC and stay safe.

Final Words

So, the above guide is all about how to get iMessage on PC. These two easy methods will successfully allow you to use iMessage for Windows without much work.

Hope this article helped you. If you have any other doubts related to this, let us know in the comment box below.