Good News for iPhone Users: Google Maps for iOS gets Incognito Mode

Google Maps for iOS gets Incognito Mode
Google always keeps a record of your locations, which can be useful if you want to remember a place you’ve visited recently, or get restaurant recommendations, but kind of disturbing at other times when you don’t want to share your location with anyone. Anyone means anyone, not even with Google.


Well, the company recently introduced an Incognito Mode in Google Maps to assuage your concerns, but so far it’s been exclusive to Android. With this feature, Google Maps users can bar the app from remembering certain trips and searches, preventing them from being stored in the user’s Google account.

Incognito mode is most popular in Google Chrome; it’s the private browser that doesn’t remember search history, passwords, or other information, making it particularly useful for people who share a computer with someone else.

The feature is now available for iOS users too. It works much the same as it does with Android. They can now enable this feature by tapping on their profile within Google Maps, then selecting ‘Turn on’ for the new Incognito mode option.

Incognito mode on Google Maps for iOS

While Incognito mode is on, you won’t receive personalized suggestions or notifications, and your searches and trips won’t be saved to your Google account.

In addition to this, a bulk delete tool that removes multiple places from Maps’ timeline, instead of completely deleting your travel history by date range will roll out to both iOS and Android users starting next month, Google says.

Bulk Delete Tool for IOS and Android Users

To try Incognito mode feature in Google Maps, make sure you’re on the latest version of Maps.