10 More Extraordinary Gadgets We’ve Spotted at CES 2020

10 More Extraordinary Gadgets Spotted at CES 2020
Each January, tech companies from around the world gather in Las Vegas to show off their latest efforts at CES, formerly called the Consumer Electronics Show, the biggest gadget show of the year.


The year 2020 is all about improving communication between smart home gadgets, making the car feel more personal, and putting screens everywhere imaginable.

CES has always served as a preview of what’s to come later in the year and, for 2020, we’ve had everything from some tech products for parents, health monitors to new inventions for the smart home.

Lets have a look:

#1. AO Atmos personal air filter mask

AO Atmos personal air filter mask

To make an ideal personal air filter, you’d need a seal around your face. Oregon-based startup called AO has built a better solution: A plastic mask called the Atmos that goes over your mouth and nose and, with the help of fans, air filters, and pressure sensors, purifies the air you’re breathing and creates a tighter seal around your face. The transparent device goes over your mouth, with air drawn in just below your ears.

It will cost $350 when it ships in July. It will require regular filter replacements, and it looks distinctly cyberpunk on your face.

#2. LynQ internet-free people compass

LynQ internet-free people compass

Anyone who skis, snowboards, hikes, frequents theme parks, or goes on any sort of adventure will definitely want to explore this product. The LynQ is a small, weather-proof carabiner that will point you toward up to 12 different people within three miles—all without cell service, an app, or a subscription. Unlike other trackers — even those that are standalone units — LynQ really shines in the simplicity of its ease of use, solid hardware and one-button interface.

LynQ is a GPS location system that works completely without any other apps. Prices start at $249 for a pack of two.

#3. Helm Electrostatic True Wireless earbuds

Helm Electrostatic True Wireless earbuds

The HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless in-ear monitors are the world’s first high-end electrostatic audio technology in a truly wireless configuration.  It’s an advanced audio tech with a shrink ray, putting electrostatic drivers inside wirefree headphones for the first time. They’re teeny tiny, and they sound pretty amazing.

#4. The Ösa rideable workbench

The Ösa rideable workbench

Cake plans to launch a new model, the Ösa, in March. It’s like a rideable workbench; you can use quick-release clamps to add or remove accessories like cargo bags, baskets, a passenger seat, or a surfboard rack.

“To avoid an environmental meltdown, there is an obligation to change that is shared by everyone,” said Cake CEO Stefan Ytterborn. The Ösa is our next offering – it provides a viable platform for that change as it so capably meets the diverse needs and priorities of our customers.”

You’ll pay $6,500 for the Ösa Lite and $8,500 for the Ösa+

#5. Pax Era Pro vaporizer

Pax Era Pro vaporizer

The new Pax Era Pro vaporizer packs a host of improvements and brings increased transparency to the user. The Era Pro uses proprietary cartridges embedded with an NFC tag. Pax calls this affair PodID, and the tags are unique to each cartridge.

They have worked to make every aspect of the experience as customizable to the user as possible from temperature to time to dose control.

#6. MamaRoo’s moving Sleep Bassinet

MamaRoos moving Sleep Bassinet

The MamaRoo’s sleep bassinet offers five unique motions to help babies fall asleep. The motions include car ride, wave, kangaroo, tree swing, and rock-a-bye, as well as vibrations and five speed options.

There’s also a built-in white noise machine and a timer to help establish bedtime routines. It’s also Bluetooth-enabled, and you can also set timers in the app. It will cost you around $329 when it comes out in February.

#7. Vayyar’s camera-less home monitoring system

Vayyars camera-less home monitoring system

Vayyar’s home monitoring system skips the camera and uses radio waves to keep watch over your home. The device’s sensors can monitor location, posture and vital signs, which allows caretakers to keep track of when individuals get in and out of bed, roam at night and visit the bathroom.

Data is stored in the cloud, but because Vayyar doesn’t capture any videos or photos, the risks associated with a possible data breach are lower.

#8. ST37’s autonomous sports camera

ST37s autonomous sports camera

French company ST37 has developed an AI-equipped autonomous camera that digitally plots 15 points to each player’s body so it can instantly referee penalties and on-field calls without bias. Each camera tracks the action automatically, without a human operator; linked together, they communicate to watch over an entire playing field.

#9. Coway’s Bidetmega 400

Coways Bidetmega 400

Coway is mostly known for home air purifiers that look like giant iPod Shuffles. The new Coway Bidetmega 400 provides users with enhanced features for optimal bathroom hygiene. The new specifications ensure users experience the highest level of personal health and cleanliness.

#10. Celestron StarSense Explorer Telescopes

Celestron StarSense Explorer Telescopes

If you’ve ever hunted for stars using a low-cost telescope, you’ll appreciate Celestron’s new StarSense Explorer Telescopes. Offered in four models, it brings the professional observatory experience to your home. The telescopes work with your cell phone (Android and iOS) and helps to map celestial objects.

Search for a specific star, nebula, galaxy, or other object and the app will display a yellow arrow indicating which way to point the telescope.