15 Best Chatroulette apps for Android & iOS 2020

Best Chatroulette apps
There are lots of ups and downs of life for which we need someone at the end of the day to share our feelings. But what if you lack behind for a face to face interaction? No worries! This article will solve your problem. It consists of the top 15 Chatroulette apps.


These apps let you connect to strangers from all over the world at your fingertips. You make new friends, learn their culture and share yours too.

As soon as you choose someone, you can easily chat with them or even have video calls or live video chats.

This article consists of Chatroulette for Android and Chatroulette for iOS as well. We would suggest you go through this article below and choose the best Chatroulette apps.

Lots of people are waiting to connect you. Hurry up! You can use multiple apps.

#1. Yepop: Live Video Chat Online

Yepop-best chatroulette apps

Yepop is the most popular and high rated Chatroulette app. It has lots of features along with the basic ones.

It lets you connect to strangers worldwide. You can chat and make video calls. There are some amazing filters to make it more fun.

Connect to people in your friendliest — no need to use a VPN. The chat does not get deleted until you want them to. All are stored in your chat history.

It has language translators. It secures all your information except the ones you mention in your profile.

People sharing inappropriate content will be banned immediately with this Chatroulette for Android app.


  • Personal information is stored
  • Chat rooms
  • Video chats
  • Lots of filters


  • You can change your profile pictures
  • You can even upload videos


  • No option to search for known friends with names and id.
  • Costly coin rates

#2. Chatous- Chat With New People

Best Chatroulette apps-Chatous

If you are planning to make new friends and not much an outgoing person, then this is one of the best Chatroulette apps for you. It lets you connect to millions of people throughout the world.

This hits the second position of our list.  You can talk about topics you are interested in with similar kinds of people. Photos can be shared easily. If you do not like someone after a chat, you can permanently delete the contact.

You can share photos, videos, and audios too. Apart from these, you can share YouTube videos as well.


  • Share similar likings
  • Video chat
  • Messenger
  • Audio messages
  • Share photos and videos


  • Great source for new friends
  • Connects all over the world


  • No chat options
  • You cannot delete your profile

#3. Holla


Holla is one of the coolest apps to make friends and also a dating app. With its awesome features, it has gained lots of fans.

It is the third most preferred app of the Chatroulette apps list. You can simply swap and check for new people. If someone is nearby, the app notifies it. You can chat and make video calls instantly with the person you like. Live audio chat is also an eye-catching feature of this app.

The coolest thing is to say “Hello” to start a live chat and say “Hola” to find matches in chat rooms.


  • Set locations
  • New friend requests are always available
  • Video call
  • Check people nearby with GPS


  • Fun to use
  • Excellent user interface


  • Very few filters
  • No options to off auto-accept feature

#4. Azar: Video Chat, Discover

Azar chat app

Azar is one of the most-used apps, with more than 300 million downloads. It connects more than 190 countries.

This app surely deserves the fourth position of the list because of its reliability. Meet new people online and become friends soon. With just one swipe you find someone new. You can select your gender preferences and set your search region.

There is chat translator to avoid miss-communication. It has lots of filters and effects to increase the fun.


  • Real-time chat translator
  • Message
  • Video chat
  • Connect with existing friends


  • Translates texts automatically
  • You can choose gender preferences


  • Swipping feature is not good
  • No warning for coin deduction when you select an option.

#5. Cam- Random Video Chats

Cam-chatroulette for android

Cam is one of the coolest apps for making new friends. It is offered by Net Tangerine.

It is a video chatting app that lets you chat with people from all over the world. You can have both group and private chats — search people according to your gender preferences. With just one swipe, you can connect to thousands of people.

If you are not happy with someone’s behaviour and want to avoid them, you can simply report about them.


  • Private chat
  • Video chat
  • Group chat
  • Livestream
  • One swipe connection


  • Hides your identity
  • Group chat also available


  • Coins can be brought only with credit card money and not any mobile money
  • No free tokens to start initially

#6. Fav Talks- Same Hobby Chatting

Fav Talk

Use this app to make new friends all the time without any hassle.

Fav Talks is the sixth most preferred Chatroulette app for both Android and iOS. You can choose people with similar choices. If someone finds you, they get added to your list. You can even disable this feature if you want. You can modify the settings anytime.

It has many options and a very friendly user interface.


  • Automatically increase friends
  • Find people with similar interests
  • Gender preferences
  • Helps you make too many friends


  • automatically added if someone finds you
  • the automatically added option can be disabled


  • make the visibility area bigger
  • not many choices in the interest sections

#7. Strangers Chat Roulette

Stranger chat

This is one of the most preferred apps that helps you make new friends from different countries.

You can connect people online and make new friends without any complications. You can chat with strangers for free. Add as many people as you want. You can also share images. There is no need to create an account. Your chats are saved in the chat history and can be deleted from there.

If you don’t want to attend someone you can skip them.


  • View people by name and profile pictures
  • Block and report users
  • Delete chat history
  • Simple to use
  • No login required


  • Chat without any signup or login
  • Needs very fewer data to access


  • Lengthy procedures to start a chat
  • Cannot send photos

#8. Mega Random Chat

Mega Random Chat

This is a place where you can meet lots of people and be happy in your life even when you are alone.

It helps you find strangers globally. You can search them with gender preferences. You can even choose the language you want to chat with — lots of themes to enlighten your mood. Soon become a friend in need of unknowns.

This app saves your conversations, and they can be viewed from the conversation history.


  • Language can be chosen
  • Interests can be shared
  • Strangers found with common interests
  • Lots of themes


  • Choice of language
  • Choose by similar interest


  • Fake profiles sometimes
  • Internet connectivity issue

#9. ChatRandom


This app came up in 2011 and gained a lot of followers. It connects globally.

This Chatroulette app for Android can be downloaded freely. You can, flirt and even fix dates with new people. Just swipe, choose a person and start the chat. No limitations in chatting.it is very much user-friendly. Make friends through live video chats.

You can even put to limit your searches based on regions. It has lots of filters and has a gender preference option.


  • It is free to download
  • you can choose from millions
  • face filters available
  • find people with gender preferences
  • video chat


  • Easy to use
  • Good filters for profile


  • Consumes battery
  • No gender filter

#10. Chat Roulette

Chat Roulette

This is a random chat box to make new friends and chat with them from different cities or countries.

This needs no registration and let’s have a live video chat with your preferable strangers. Use wi-fi or mobile data to have a live chat with millions of people at your fingertips. It is very easy to use with maximum facilities.

It does not allow any chat recording. This is too much fun to use.


  • Video chat
  • Live video chat
  • No call recording
  • Connect via the internet


  • Easy to use
  • No chat recording


  • Fake profiles are sometimes found
  • Internet connectivity issue

#11. Just Say Hi

Just Say Hi-Chatroulette apps for Android

It is a free social app where you can meet people globally.

Almost all Chatroulette apps needs registration or some other formalities for access. This one is unique! To start a conversation, you just need to say ‘hi’. After that, you can send unlimited texts, photos, and videos. They also have social chat rooms. It has some amazing features like video chatting with real people.

Meet new people and make your life better. You can make chats private. It has a separate page for notification.


  • Meet new people for free
  • See videos
  • Share giphy
  • Meet new people


  • Easy to use
  • No chat recording


  • Too much notification interruption during a chat
  • Cannot delete an account once logged

#12. Chat Alternative

Chat Alternative

Chat Alternative is offered by Appsinnovation, which connects you all over the world and helps you make new friends.

It is very simple to use and lets you have a private chat with people. You can easily edit your profile according to your likes. No personal data needs to be included.

This is one of those Chatroulette apps with which you can maintain privacy with your choice of people. You can even see if any of your friends are near with its extraordinary GPS features.


  • Private chats
  • Editable profile
  • Lots of filters
  • Check who is online


  • Good censored facility
  • Easy to use


  • Unnecessarily banning
  • If the ban is for a reason, still they can be removed by fines

#13. Anonymous Chat Room

Anonymous Chat Room

This is a product of Galaxy Chat which connects people from different parts of the world.

With most Chatroulette apps, you can visit all the chat rooms and create one for yourself. This one is no exception! There are many emojis and smileys. All your conversations are private. Strangers become friends easily. There are customisation features for different avatars. You can also join the dating game.

There are virtual gifts to share and virtual pets. They need to be taken care of regularly. It is total fun to use.

There are no ads in between to interrupt your chat.


  • Pop-up window available, even when you rotate the screen
  • App won’t crash
  • No vibration in DND mode is there.
  • No adds
  • Games available
  • Virtual gifts and pets.


  • Fun to use
  • Choose people with similar interests


  • User interface not good
  • Prone to sensitive blocking

#14. Random Video Chat

Random Video Chat

This app is a product of the UTdevelopers. It helps you connect throughout the world with all kinds of people.

Random Video Chat is a video chatting app which connects you with different kinds of people. It lets you video chat with people and also video calls. The video calls are free. You can have a live video chat with everyone.  You can easily make strangers your friend.

Also, there is no need to create an account to access the application.


  • you can report for someone
  • you can block people
  • live video chat
  • live video call
  • video chat
  • free video call


  • Connects all the world in a single app
  • Easy to use


  • Remarks asked all the time
  • Drains battery

#15. Rando Chat

Rando Chat

Made by WR, this is a simple app that will connect you with millions of people worldwide.

It helps you chat with unknown people from all over the world. You can make new friends and remove your loneliness easily. The method of the conversation is straightforward. You choose a person to tap on him/her, and the one on one chat starts. It is very easy to use.

This is one of the easiest to use Chatroulette apps. Once you have sent the message, it will get deleted to maintain privacy. No login or sign up is required to enter the app. Your IP will not be stored.

Only people over 18 are to use this app. Any inappropriate contents should be avoided like nudity, racism, religious mishaps, etc. Otherwise, you may get banned.

Always remember to read the terms and conditions.


  • Chat with unknowns
  • No login required
  • The conversation starts with a single tap
  • No IP or connection stored


  • No signup or login required
  • Simple to use


  • Hectic to upload a photo
  • Sensitive banning


To remove all your tensions, you need someone to talk too. If you are a homely person and still want to make new friends, then definitely try these Chatroulette apps. This apps helps you make new friends. It connects you through all the countries, and you no more have to wait forever to make a new friend.

These apps also serve as a dating app. You can even find your loved ones and fix dates. Live video chats and text exchanges keep you connected 24X7.

We would suggest you go for Yepop: live video chat online with friends app as it has the highest ratings. Otherwise, you can also go for, which has some cool features.

This article has some cool stuff. Go through this and explore a new world.

Hope this is helpful.