Top 5 Branding Ideas That Could Transform Your Business and Leave an Everlasting Mark

You would be surprised to know that one of the factors that determine your customers’ purchasing decision is emotion. How they feel about a product is what makes them ignore the product or become loyal to it.


That’s why branding is essential. If you attend conferences like Shoptalk, you will understand the vitality of branding. If you are struggling with the branding part of the business, here are five tips that will help you leave a lasting impression.

The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind as soon as you say, a brand’s name is its logo. The logo is the ‘face’ of your brand and your brand’s identity. So, you must re-evaluate your logo if it is not working.

If you think the logo is outdated or that it is not delivering the brand message to your customers, go back to the drawing board. Bring in a professional to redesign an impactful and memorable logo for your company.

But what if you think that the logo is entirely professional and doing its intended job? Well, it would still be a good idea to revisit it from time to time and tweak it to make it more relevant or impactful.

However, ensure that the new logo stays consistent with the old logo and that they tell the same story. If you come up with an entirely new logo, the consumers will feel a disconnect with the brand.

The most effective logos have one thing in common – they are all memorable. You can see the logo in your mind’s eye as soon as you hear the company’s name. Strive to achieve the same with your brand.

Clearly Define Your Archetype

Carl Jung, who was a renowned psychologist, conceptualized the concept of Archetype Branding. The basic idea is to define your brand on some recognizable character. According to this strategy, you must not just sell a brand; instead, sell a story.

This branding strategy has been adopted by some of the world’s most popular brands. This helps in selling a definitive perception of your brand to your target customers. When you give a unique archetype to your brand, you can create a captivating and persuasive story around your brand identity.

The archetype would also help in guiding your campaigns – both marketing and advertising. You must keep your messaging consistent across all channels.

Some famous companies that have adopted this strategy include Apple, IKEA, and Microsoft. Apple’s archetype is ‘the visionary,’ which signifies that the brand sets the trends in their segment, IKEA’s archetype is ‘the Everyman’ which denotes that it is supportive to everyone and faithful.

Solid Social Media Presence

Have a Solid Social Media Presence

A survey by Pardot on LinkedIn shows that at least 80 percent of consumers are likely to consider buying a product from a brand that they follow on social media. This means that you must promote your brand aggressively on social media. This is where you can talk about your brand directly with the consumers.

With effective branding on social media, you can help your business create connections with your target audience. With smart content, you can build a strong following of active-users around your products and services.

Now that you know the power of social media, you need to design the right strategies to mark your dominance in your niche. Be thoughtful about what you put up on your social media platforms.

The right content will connect with your audience and build brand awareness, even with smaller budgets. Social media is perfect for both small businesses and big corporates as you can tap into a large pool of potential customers.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, are some social media channels that you can consider using.

Invest in Creating Visual Content

Invest in Creating Visual Content

Audiences prefer visual content over any other type. Tap into this insight and create engaging video content for your audience. Don’t just put up static images or text-based content on your social media platforms.

Develop video content that will educate your customers about your brand. The content should help them recognize and recall your brand. All this cumulates to the customers purchasing your products.

Other ‘visual channels’ that you can explore are illustrations and graphics. You can make fun illustrations that don’t just engage your customers but also entertain them.

Visual content goes a long way in making your company’s presence felt and stand out. This will help in solidifying your branding. Experts at events like Shopify Unite would agree that visual content is something that every business needs to consider seriously.

Re-evaluate Your Packaging

What’s the first thing that people see when they buy your product? That’s right – the product’s packaging. That means your packaging needs to be attractive and memorable. It should also complement the product within it.

The packaging should also convey the brand message and values. Be original and give your customers a packaging that is compelling and unique. It isn’t a stretch to say that packaging has some impact on the customer’s buying decisions.

Even if they don’t know your product but come across its eye-catching packaging on a shelf, they will reach out for it. It would be safe to say that packaging can attract new customers and convert them.

When you design the packaging, make sure there is no mismatch with the product you are selling. The consumers will perceive this as a form of deceit when the packaging promises one thing, and they get something else. Do not take packaging lightly and come up with something ordinary.

But what if you have nailed the packaging aspect, and it is a hit with your customers? What to do next? Well, switching the designs every once in a while will keep the customers excited and engaged.

Packaging aims to leave a lasting impression on your customers. So, make sure you get it right.

To Summarise

Before you start, set your branding goals. Once you have clarity on that front, you can achieve the next steps quickly. With impactful branding, you will win customers’ loyalty and earn new customers.