10 Best Password Managers to Secure Your Digital Life

Best Password Manager
Passwords are necessary, and we know why it is so. Sametime, remembering every password is one of the tricky tasks too. Well, we are about to discuss password manager which will solve your all queries related to password. Be it remembering any complex password, keeping it safe and secure from hackers, and any other issue, the best password manager does it all.


In this digital life, it is mandatory to create passwords to safe your accounts, but if someone guesses or hacks it, they will have full access to all your accounts.

So, what to do in this situation?

A well-designed password manager helps you easily create, store and recall passwords. It gives you access to secure your online identity. Using password manager, you can create a unique strong password for every account, without requiring you to memorize these characters.

As I said before a password manager can do various things for you including keeps passwords encrypted under one roof, generates strong passwords, automatically enters passwords for you, store payment information and many more.

Now, I am going to share with you some best free password manager.

Best Password Manager List

#1. NordPass

NordPass is one of the newest password managers, but it already shows the potential to become the best. 

You can use NordPass to generate and store your passwords, payment details, and notes. Browser extension autosaves and autofills login forms, so you don’t have to type each time. 

NordPass also offers imports from other password managers, biometrics and two-factor authentication, backup and sync, secure password sharing, and 24/7 customer support.  

It takes care of your passwords following the latest security practices and zero-knowledge architecture principles. That means you are the only one who can see your passwords — even the developers at NordPass can’t.

#2. Dashlane

Dashlane-Best Password Manager

Built with top security architecture, Dashlane is available across all platforms and browsers. It is one of the best free password managers out there, and you can use it with ease due to its simple features and user-friendly look.

With Dashlane, you can not only store all your passwords safely in one place. Furthermore, it will keep an eye on your online security as well as warn you when things don’t seem right.

Along with passwords, Dashlane allows users to store personal information and payment card details. Also, you can sync your password with all the devices regardless of what platform you are using.

#3. LastPass


Another great password manager is LastPass for encrypting the passwords and syncs the credentials across the devices.

LastPass generates secure, unique passwords and stores them in a locked-down “vault”. It has a large number of features in place which include locally-stored master password, two-step verification (2FA), AES 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2 SHA-256, store and autofill web forms, restrict login to specified countries etc. All these features are designed with some type of security angle in mind.

In all, Lastpass probably has more features and advanced settings for its users.

#4. 1Password

1Password-best free Password Manager

1Password is a best free password manager in the list which can help you store all your passwords in a safe place without losing any one of them.

It supports synchronization of password vaults using Dropbox or iCloud.

There’s one unique feature for those who want to share passwords securely. 1Password offers a family account that allows you to selectively share password vaults with other members, and even control which members can make changes to passwords.

Other than that, you will get a notification if they think any of your passwords might have been breached.

#5. Splikity

splikity- Password Manager

Splikity offers a fast and straightforward way to manage your passwords on the web and your mobile devices.

It securely saves your passwords and syncs them to all of your devices. It’s simple and secure. Splikity automatically fills in my username and password.

Also, it lets you share a login with a friend via email without actually revealing your password.

#6. Keeper


Keeper and1Password both are same in terms of features. It is like having a filing cabinet under lock-and-key. All of your passwords are organized by type in a category folder.

You can share individual password account information, or entire folders, with other Keeper owners simply by sending them an email invitation.

Keeper supports Two-factor authentication and available for every major operating system.

It is a free and easy-to-operate password manager with a built-in password generator, autofill feature, and allows you to sync and backup your files to the cloud.

#7. Password Boss


You can fill up web forms with Password Boss. It not only stores passwords securely but also shares them safely. It boasts two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication on iOS, and has excellent customer support. Password Boss allows you to store unlimited passwords, and you can access them from different devices. It uses AES 256-bit encryption.

All in all, you don’t ever have to worry about your passwords or security anymore once you’ll start using Password Boss.

#8. RoboForm


RoboForm is a great software to keep your passwords safe.

Besides creating complex and unique passwords, RoboForm also offers a smart form filler feature to save your time.

It works on almost all browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Opera; Explorer etc., and also has data synchronization on the cloud, and can back up all our passwords.

Outside of password storage, the application stores credit cards, notes, identities, contacts, bookmarks and non-browser applications.

#9. LogMeOnce

LogMeOnce-Best password manager

Your one-stop for all password related requirements is LogMeOnce.

It has all the basics covered, such as multi-factor authentication, automatic form-filling, and secure password sharing, and password strength reporting and analysis.

This best free password manager offers photo verification as an alternative login method to the master password. It also produces productivity charts that demonstrate account activity.

Plans come with unlimited password storage for as many devices as you want. LogMeOnce is one of the few password managers that offer multi-device sync for free.

#10. Myki


Like many other competitors in the list, Myki works across platforms through a web browser extension. It keeps its data stored locally and not in the cloud.

Some features are limited in Myki like it doesn’t fill web forms. But there’s something good about Myki is that if something gets breached administrators can instantly trigger a mass reset, issuing new passwords to every user.

The goal of this free password manager is to ensure that passwords remain complex, difficult to crack and easily accessible.

Final Words

I hope the above list of password manager will help you to keep your passwords secure from hackers. Just create a unique, strong password for every account, without memorizing these characters.

Tell us which one you are using and how’s your experience with it. If there is some other password manager software you know, tell us in the comments section.