10 Best Games Like World of Warcraft You Can Play in 2020

Games Like World of Warcraft
These days MMORPG games very much in demand and gamers are in search of games like World of Warcraft, one of the best massively multiplayer online role-playing game you will ever come across.


The game has its very own extremely passionate fanbase, which not many developers have managed to achieve. World of Warcraft has been in records since 2004 that was developed by Blizzard Entertainment. For its unique gameplay, the game already has gained millions of players.

In this game, characters are free to roam anywhere and have a conversation with other characters or players. The more you roam, the more resources you gather and add them to your inventory and then use these collected things whenever necessary.

In this blog, we’ve curated a great list of games like world of warcraft which you can play straight away.

Let’s take a look at the top ten games like WoW:

Best Games like World of Warcraft you can try out

#1. Tera

Tera-Games like World of Warcraft

TERA is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG game and one of the best alternatives to WOW developed by Bluehole Studios. Set in a world plagued by wars, TERA has over 80 zones available to be explored. It has 12 playable classes and 7 races.

The premise of Tera is that two titans, Arun and Sharah fled a destructive war. They combined their powers to create a new world. Tera offers a class system, crafting, guilds, and all of the great stuff you’d expect out of WoW but with a huge added twist.

The game, in general, allows you the liberty to pick from a myriad on characters of different classes and abilities, customise their looks as per your whims and also pace the development of the character’s abilities according to your own ideas.

#2. Warframe

Warframe-Games like WOW

Warframe is yet another MMORPG title that’s unique and special in its own way. It’s a third-person shooter which lets you control warriors of an ancient race who are at war with other factions.

There are various races within the universe that are fighting against each other for dominance, and you must use your trusty old warframes in order to defend your world from these invaders. Warframe is often described as ‘ninjas in space’ that can move incredibly fast. Just running won’t be enough, so you’ll have to build momentum by sliding, jumping, and rolling. Each of these moves also helps you dodge enemy attacks while allowing you to attack.

Warframe boasts over 300 weapons, split into 3 classes: Primary, Secondary, and Melee.  Primary weapons are the big guns, secondary weapons are usually handguns, and the melee weapons consist of swords.

#3. Rift


Another one of the popular games like wow is Rift. In this game, there are a ton of characters and abilities possible as well as journey paths as you choose which abilities to upgrade and in what order of priority.

However, the graphic quality is not quite as good as WoW, but it is so close that you may feel like you are playing a WoW extension.

The game starts pretty slow, and you should be prepared for the usual simple quests to get you started. The game has two factions that are at constant war against each other, and you must help your side in winning the war. It’s similar to all other games like World of Warcraft out here with character building and resource gathering.

#4. Path of Exile

Path of Exile-best games like wow

Path of Exile evolved and became one of the best games. It’s free to play game and doesn’t have any pay to win items. Also, it doesn’t offer unfair features to premium players. A new free expansion is released once every year or so.

The game focuses on an online multiplayer mode. Path of Exile offers the players seven different character classes to choose from (Marauder, Ranger, Witch, Duelist, Templar, Shadow, Scion).

The game features a robust in-game economy and a skill tree that can be used with every class. Each character has 3 core attributes, strength, agility and intelligence. Players progress through levelling up and following quests leading them eventually to higher zones which provide greater challenges.

#5. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 launched as a buy to play MMORPG but later went free to play. Unlike the original Guild Wars, Guild Wars 2 features a persistent world, making it one of the best games like World of Warcraft.

Character customization is more in-depth than other games on this list. It offers a lot of ways to customize your character’s look, from body size and girth to the angle and length of facial features.  The graphics are beautiful, and the game looks stunning on bigger displays.

If you are looking for a new experience with some new gameplay elements and a unique storyline, then Guild Wars 2 is the best choice.

#6. Neverwinter

Neverwinter-Games like World of Warcraft

Neverwinter is like WOW in many ways. This game is set in the same world as Dungeons & Dragons, only in a different era. There are dark forces and good forces clashing at every corner in this world.

The setup is characters fighting to save Neverwinter after deadly devastation of fire and plagues falls upon the land. Explore and defend one of the most beloved cities from the Dungeons & Dragons-Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting as it rises from the ashes of destruction.

Choose one of the provided races and embark on a magical adventure in the world of Neverwinter. Each race has its own abilities, powers, skills and magic-set. The game is free to play with in-game purchases.

#7. Blade And Soul

Blade And Soul

Another one of the popular games like World of Warcraft is Blade and Soul. The visuals and gameplay style is so similar to WOW. The storyline mainly focuses on quests, resources, exploration, and other such aspects.

Blade & Soul takes the normal MMORPG system and changes it in creative and fantastic ways. The game also offers lush environments and attractive character designs.

Choose between four races and seven classes, and customize your character through a range of presets and sliders. You’re also able to expand your wardrobe with a huge selection of flashy costumes to decimate foes in style.

#8. ArcheAge


ArcheAge is a free-to-play epic fantasy MMORPG. In this game, you can choose one of 2 factions and choose from 120 unique class combinations. In every corner, there are resources waiting for you that will surely remind you of the World of Warcraft.

The game has the power to fulfil all your games’ fantastic if you are interested in a particular genre.

This game provides mounts for those who want to move faster around the open world, as well as ships for sea adventurers. The good part is that deep into the ocean you can find mysterious “thingies.” Shipwrecks filled with bounty.

There are PvP elements in the form of duelling and arena fights, as well as the PvE content through farming, trading, capturing pets and exploring the environment.

#9. Age of Conan

Age of Conan

Age of Conan is a dark fantasy MMORPG set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. It offers 12 different classes which are divided into four categories: soldier, mage, priest and rogues. These classes are hybrids that can fill multiple roles.

The game is free to play, and the graphics are responsible for making it feel like the Conan age, and that is pretty good. Explore the vast world, complete quests, gather resources, and upgrade your character’s skills and equipment.

The game is praised for its soundtrack and voice acting, which again add up to its realistic touch.

#10. Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online-Top Games like World of Warcraft

Another one of the most played games like wow is Elder Scrolls Online which is not a completely free-to-play game.

The player can choose between three different factions, and as you level up, you get access to better skills and loot.

The storyline is basically a spinoff of the Elder Scroll series and takes place about 1000 years before the events of Skyrim.

The freedom of customization is far greater in Elder Scrolls Online than it is in WoW. There are many more character customization options just when creating your first character, and then, even more, are purchasable in the in-game shop.

Final Words

The above-mentioned games are definitely worth a try if you are looking for games like World of Warcraft. All these games are unique and different in its own aspect.

There are more MMOs out there that we might forget to mention here, so feel free to suggest your favourite games like WoW in the comments below.