Top 12 Best Epub Reader for Windows

epub reader for windows
Gone those days when you had to rely on paper books. Now there’s a new reading style which is eReading. So what do you say about it? Well, It is always exciting to read books on a phone, PC, etc. and it is only possible for all of us after the introduction of eReading. Today we are going to discuss best Epub reader for Windows. Before that, we should know what the epub reader is.


The EPUB (short for electronic publication) is a popular e-book format. It is the most popular standard for free ebooks. Also, it’s an official standard of the International Digital Publishing Forum (IDPF). EPUB is supported by most readers on PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and even on Windows Phone, Symbian, and Blackberry.

The time has changed. We have now changed our reading habits from reading physical copies of the books to eco-friendly online reading. This article is purely for those who want to read their favorite books digitally on Windows. For that, you need the best epub reader. So here is the list for you.

Epub Reader Windows List

#1. Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions-Epub Reader

One of the best epub reader in the list is Adobe Digital Editions software which is an e-book reading, management tool developed by Adobe system. It offers an engaging way to view and manage eBooks and other digital publications. It supports industry-standard eBook formats, including PDF/A and EPUB.

You can build bookshelves or classified the ebooks, and then put the ebooks not read after downloaded or finished but may be taken out to read at any time on different shelves by category, in order to be convenient for later looking up.

The features of Adobe Digital Editions include full EPUB 3 support including media overlays, full text search, full screen reading, bookmarking, highlighting, note taking as well as support for a number of languages.

#2. Calibre

Calibre for Windows

Calibre is another epub reader Windows which is a lot more than just a simple eBook reader. It’s a complete eBook solution.

With a powerful eBook manager and excellent interface, it features the creation and editing of an eBook. Calibre supports a variety of formats and syncing with other ebook readers. It also furnishes users with an e-library as well as a highly versatile file converter to ease file management.

#3. Freda

Freda-epub reader windows

Freda is one of the top free readers for Windows computers. The significant feature of this ebook reader is that it reads HTML files in an eBook format. Moreover, it supports traditional formats, such as FB2 and EPUB.

Other important features include bookmarks, annotations, changing text’s font, size, and color, changing background color, downloading books from online catalogs, importing books from other sources, and more. Do give Freda a try if you liked it.

#4. FBReader


FBReader is very basic in its appearance and its features, but that doesn’t mean you will ignore it. There are many things about this epub reader which might attract you. Books added to the Library are displayed as a drop-down list, which is definitely highly inconvenient.

Besides an ePub, this electronic book reader supports some other formats like Mobi, FB2, PDF, DjVu, and some others.

If you only want to read the book, then you can try this.

#5. Icecream Epub Reader

Icecream Epub Reader-Best Epub Reader

This tool was specifically made for Windows 7 or 8 desktop users to enjoy reading books in ePub format.

Icecream Epub Reader is an advanced eBook reader which supports many different formats like fb2, pdf, cbz, epub, mobi, and cbr.

There are many handy features too like night mode, bookmarks, move to any page, search your library, track reading progress, and much more.

It’s a complete product with a beautifully designed user interface and very easy user experience when reading through pages in the book.

#6. Nook


Next in the list is Nook, which is another a best epub reader for Windows.

It has an integrated store to buy not only books but also magazines, comics, and newspapers. The user interface is simple to use, and it will let you customize fonts, change themes, flick pages, auto-sync, move to any page, and even download free and paid eBooks.

#7. Kobo

Kobo-Best Epub Reader

Kobo ebook reader support up to 14 file formats, including EPUB, EPUB3, PDF, MOBI, TXT, TIFF, and HTML. In addition to this, it offers a simple interface where you can easily search new books to read. It will sync all your books to all your devices, including which book you are reading and where you left off, so you can continue on any device.

A great feature of Kobo is it also reads ePub 3 formats. Also, you can buy books from its store. You will be able to browse through millions of books, comics, and magazines.

#8. Readium


All the Google Chrome users might know Readium already. It’s an add-on to be installed in the Chrome web browser to read ePub files. It supports ebooks in an epub format perfectly.

You can even upload your own books to Readium and read them there.  All in all, it’s a great way to read books without having to install any app on your device.

#9. Bookviser


Bookviser is another best Epub reader Windows app which is dedicated to giving you a reading experience similar to reading physical books. It allows you to download free classics from public catalogs,  including Feedbooks, Project Gutenberg, and Smashwords.

Other features include bookmarking, adding notes, changing ebook background colors, changing fonts, highlighting certain parts of the Ebook, ability to find definitions to certain words, etc.

#10. Bibliovore

Bibliovore-Epub Reader Windows

Bibliovore is an ePub reader and manager that integrates with Microsoft’s OneDrive to provide cloud storage and sync.

The features that make Bibliovore unique from others in the list are you can browse and download books directly inside Bibliovore from online librairies, share your reading across multiple devices, manage reading themes, day/night reading mode, adjust font parameters, multivolume books grouped within series and more.

#11. Beetle Reader


Beetle reader is one of the best ePub readers for Windows, and it is compatible with all devices.

This epub reader has unique features that make it the most preferred tool for educational institutions, bookstores, and book publishing agencies.

Apart from ePub, there is also support for audio and video content which forces everyone to try it.

#12. EpubReader

Epub Reader for Windows

EpubReader is feature-rich software which lets you manage your local library of ebooks as well as download ebooks from various online repositories like Project Gutenberg.

It allows you to configure font sizes, fonts, colors, and margins of your wish. Also, you can add tags to the copies downloaded and organize your library following different criteria. You’re also able to access the metadata of each book.

Final Words

Reading books on Windows gives you a better experience and satisfaction in many ways.

So this is the list of best ePub reader Windows. Now you can enjoy the pleasure of reading even from your laptop, desktop, or other Window devices.