15 Best Anime Streaming Sites to Watch Anime Online

Best Anime Streaming Sites
Japanese Animes are gaining more and more popularity nowadays. Most of the animes are available online only and that’s why there’s a huge demand for Anime Streaming Sites.


In order to watch the latest series or find the collection you want, a high-quality anime website that can provide you with various collections and has latest follows is very important.

No matter how old you are, watching anime online can never get older. There are many anime’s that are popular since ages, anime’s like Bleach, Naruto, Dragon Ball, Death Note, One Piece, Attack on Titan and many more.

Nowadays most of the anime’s are streamed online. So now that you here to know about best anime streaming sites.

Well, you have landed on the right page. Because in this article, we have given a list of top 15 anime websites for you. You can choose any of them according to your need and choice.

Best Anime Streaming Websites to Watch Anime Online

Anime movies and TV series are initially based on Japan but Anime fans are scattered in every part of the world. A true Anime addict would prefer to watch Anime movies and series online streaming over regular movies.

If you want to watch anime online, below is the list of anime streaming sites help you to find useful anime to watch online at your convenience through live streaming or you can download it and save on your system for later use.

#1. 9anime

Anime Streaming Sites-9anime

This website allows you to watch anime online free. It is an incredible choice for the users as it offers lots of top-class high rated features which are just magnificent for the users. Streaming the most popular Anime series of all time can be done incredibly well using this website for sure.

9anime is of the best anime sites, the platform has both native and dubbed shows. A lot of anime videos also include subtitles.

Also, it can provide you with great quality, and is almost ads-free too. It has different categories to choose anime from which make your anime hunting easier.

#2. KissAnime

kissanime-Watch Anime Online Free

KissAnime is another popular anime website that offers a plethora of series and movies. They have amazing HD quality anime series, and you can stream them online free.

Streaming of anime series can be done in so many different screen resolutions on this website which is a plus point of course. Also, it has very fewer ads while you are streaming it online.

The website has an attractive and dynamic design. One can see and tap on Anime list, MOBILE, Report, Chat Room, Read Manga, Read Novel, Watch Drama, Shop and more in the navigation tool on the home page.

#3. Chia-anime

Chia-Anime-best anime website

Like KissAnime, Chia-Anime offers anime streaming for free and has a massive selection of movies, shows, and videos.

The graphic user interface of this website is attractive as like the graphics of Anime series.

The website uploads all the latest series and videos daily. Therefore, you are sure to find the anime you are looking for here.

The working legacy of chia-anime is quite long and the website hasn’t faced any ban in recent years. It also provides a downloading facility for its users allowing them to save their favourite Anime series on the local drive.

#4. Animestreams

AnimeStream-best anime site

Animestreams is a very well maintained website where you will find categories for completed and ongoing anime shows.

It is one of the top solutions if you’re looking for the best anime streaming sites.

It has a top anime series like Naruto, Wonder Momo and so on. Some of these shows are dubbed in English and you’ll find the subtitles too. There’s also download option available.

With its fantastic anime content, this is where you could find loads of movies, cartoon videos, and shows. You could even request your best movies to site operators if you can find them on the site.

#5. Gogoanime


This anime website has a big database that offers all kinds of Animes, from the rarest to the latest and most popular.

Being one of the best anime streaming service, it has various categories on its website such as New Season, Popular, Movies, etc.

The videos available on this website are dubbed in English. You can download the app from the Google Play Store. GoGoAnime is an excellent anime streaming site for mobile phones.

#6. AnimeSeason

AnimeSeason-Watch Anime Online Free

The user-interface of AnimeSeason is quite attractive. Users are not harassed with unnecessary ads and pop-ups. This website is embedded with video players which allow its users to stream the anime shows with captions or animations on them.

This is one of the most trusted anime streaming websites out there that you can use to watch full episodes of anime movies.

The site displays anime based on the top votes as users can vote for the anime that they like the most. Some of the most popular anime on the site is Hunter X Hunter, Diamon No ace and more.

#7. AnimeFreak

AnimeFreak-Watch anime online free

AnimeFreak allows you to watch anime online free.

Although, some ads might irritate you. The website boasts its collection of more than 10k available episodes across various categories.

Moreover, if you click the picture tile of the Anime Episode, you will see a comprehensive review of the show, ratings, and episode list.

Both dubbed and original series versions are accessible on Anime Freak. Anime Freak’s Android app now is available on app store.

If you are only looking for free solutions, this site is the right place.

#8. Crunchyroll

Best anime streaming websites-crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a legal site offering animes, manga, drama, music, etc.

It generally offers paid premium plans but there is also an option to watch thousands of episodes for free without a membership.

Crunchyroll has got a premium design with reviews for the shows. You can enjoy watching anime online without any ads if you get a paid plan.

The site also hosts thousands of manga titles, which are the Japanese comics that many of the anime programs are based on.

You can explore different genres and categories by using the filters. All in all, Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming sites to watch anime online.

#9. Tubi Tv


Another website to watch anime online free is Tubi Tv. The website and apps are easy to browse, presenting the titles in a simple grid layout.

Each title is displayed with the cover, title, age recommendation, year of release, and genres, making it easier to browse for shows to watch.

Well, it has a limited collection and you may not find the latest or famous anime titles here.

Since video quality is excellent you can enjoy watching old shows here.

 #10. Soul-Anime


Usually, the anime website offers daily updates 1 hour after the Japan release. When you want to enjoy the thousands of anime episodes, you can watch them in high-quality formats with 720P or 1080P.

Soul-anime is a website where you can watch the popular anime of all time, like One Piece, Naruto, Fairy Tail, My Hero Academia, and lots more.

Along with it also has a search bar where you can search for your favourite anime episodes.

Also, you can free download the anime.

#11. Animelab

AnimeLab-Free Anime Streaming

AnimeLab features thousands of hot anime shows legally for free.

Naturo Shippuden, Dragon Ball super, Attack on Titans, One Punch Man, AnimeLab has them all.

Here you can get some of the best and most-watched anime in both subbed and dubbed form.

AnimeLab is also available on various platforms such as Appstore, Google Play, Play station and Xbox one stores.

AnimeLab has thousand of episodes already available on a website with new shows added every week. It even simulcasts directly from Japan in HD.

#12. Hulu

hulu-best website for anime streaming

To access this site, you have to first sign up for an account. This makes you eligible for a 30- day trial.

They don’t only have a large database of anime content but also have a large collection of tv shows, movies and a bunch of Hulu original shows.

Well, the site isn’t free, but the monthly subscription is reasonable. A 30-day free trial will give you an idea about what this site contains.

If you download the Hulu app your viewing experience will be more enjoyable. Set up a Hulu account for yourself and gain access to classic anime shows.

#13. Anime Seed

Anime Seed-Best Anime Streaming Sites

Anime Seed is one of the best Anime sites where you can stream as well as download Anime for free.

It has an incredible collection of Anime movies and shows. You can also take part in various discussions in the Forum section.

#14. MasterAnime


The anime website has a new release schedule section which tells you exactly in how many hours new episode will be uploaded for a particular show.

Despite being a free anime streaming site, MasterAnime looks no less than any premium portal.

The website packs a whole lot of anime in the most popular genre, and almost all the animes are equipped with English subtitle.

Also, this site has a built-in library system which saves all those anime that you have already watched.

#15. Viewster


Viewster is a popular free online streaming company which is particularly famous for online movie streaming, but it also has a decent number of anime collection from all the popular categories.

Though, you would need to get its paid version to unlock its content.

On the homepage, the content is organized in a very neat way. The most lucrative option is the mobile app to catch the latest episodes of your favourite anime show.

Final Words

These all are the best anime streaming sites. Some of them are free and some of them are offering paid content.

These anime websites are the best place where you can watch anime online free or through paid subscription according to your budget. However, most of the websites are free of cost. Only issue with free websites is that they put too many ads. Usually, you have to click the video twice to run the video.

If you have any questions, let us know in comments.