Apple’s Next iPhone Event on September 10: What to Expect

Apple September 10 Event Expectations
September is coming and the new iPhones too. Didn’t believe it? Well, Apple is gearing up to show off a handful of updated models at 1 PM Eastern/10AM Pacific on September 10th.


The iPhone 11 will launch with a new camera configuration. There will probably be three different models.

Before we get the news about Sep 10 event, why not take a closer look at everything we expect — and hope — Apple has in store for us.

The event is three days away, and we are excited enough about the new iPhones.

New iPhones, more cameras

Apple Big Event on Sep 10-New iPhone will be launched

The new iPhones are all about the cameras. Wow, that’s cool! A Bloomberg report citing sources familiar with Apple’s plans says that three iPhones will again launch. They’ll be direct successors to each of the 2018 phones—the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max, and the iPhone XR.

The two high-end phones—a successor to the XS and XS Max—will carry the “Pro” label. Just like “iPhone Pro” and “iPhone Pro Max”. Not as much is revealed about the name of the XR replacement, but iPhone 11 is certainly possible.

Like all the new iPhones coming out this year, the iPhone 11 should be powered by Apple’s new A13 processor. That CPU’s expected to widen the performance gap between the iPhone and Android devices, as last year’s A12 Bionic chipset has yet to be beaten on speed tests by the top-of-the-line Snapdragon 855. The A13 will be complemented by a AMX or matrix co-processor, according to Bloomberg, which may help with AR apps.

Also, the upgrades this year are about cameras. We’re expecting each of the three new iPhones to get one more camera. Quite surprising! Isn’t it? I don’t know is there any camera left after the front and rear option.

The successor to the XR is said to include a second, telephoto camera to bring it in line with last year’s XS and XS Max. The new iPhones pros, meanwhile, should get a wide-angle camera for more flexibility while shooting. Well, it’s not an end, though: Bloomberg says one camera mode will take a photo using all three cameras at once, and stitch the results together with a little AI help. You’ll also be able to edit and add filters to the video while you’re still recording it.

Other Expectations: Face ID, Charging, Apple Watches, iPads, AirPods, or Macs

Other planned improvements include a wider-angle Face ID camera for easier facial authentication, better water resistance, a faster A13 processor, and the ability to wirelessly charge AirPods directly from your phone.

There is no 5g in Apple’s phone this year. Qualcomm’s current 5G modems aren’t ready for iPhone primetime, and Apple ultimately wants to make its own. But 5G will likely be the headlining feature in 2020’s iPhones.

Haven’t heard any rumours about Apple watch, so it’s possible that Apple just doesn’t announce a Series 5 model this year. Don’t be sad because watchOS 6 will be released soon. It’s one of the biggest updates the Apple Watch has ever received, and packs features like a standalone App Store, ambient Noise alerts, menstrual cycle tracking, support for audiobooks and voice memos and possibly even sleep tracking.

Also, there have been reports from various sources about Apple’s future Mac and iPad plans, including the imminent arrival of a 16-inch MacBook Pro that would be the first to make major design changes to the current Apple laptop lineup; internals refreshes for the iMac, Mac mini, and MacBook Air lines; the already-announced Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR; and refreshed iPad Pros and entry-level iPads.

While some of these products are about to arrive soon, we don’t expect Apple to announce them next week. What say?