Apple will Live Stream iPhone 11 Event on YouTube This Year

How about watching Apple’s event live stream on YouTube? We are talking about the upcoming iPhone 11 event, which Apple is planning to stream on Google’s YouTube platform on Tuesday.


It is the first time in history when Apple will be live streaming one of the company’s events on YouTube, and it will surely expand the number of people able to view the stream.

Apple’s event streams used to be limited to Safari and Edge on the desktop, but Apple also opened them up to Chrome and Firefox last year at WWDC.

Last year Apple extended its iPhone event stream to Twitter, and the company has been gradually increasing the availability of its stream in recent years.

The “special event” will be broadcast on Apple’s YouTube channel starting at 10:00 a.m. PT (1:00 p.m. ET).

However, in recent years, Apple’s embraced social platforms, likely in a bid to reach younger audiences. For example, the company’s posted more videos to its YouTube channel and Instagram account than in past years.

The company is expected to announce its three new iPhone models on this event.

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